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No Serial Port

I purchased one of the first EZ-B packages (Ver 3) for my Wall-e, aprox 1 1/2 years ago. After 2 heart attacks, I finally have everything installed into my Wall-e. I do have a Bluetooth dongle I now have a Toshiba C675 laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate, without a serial port. My older laptop Dell D505 only runs Windows XP Professional Major OOPS!...

Distance Sensor Mod

By using an exacto knife you can remove the wires on a standard servo cable and rearrange the pin connections to meet your needs. Pic 1 shows an exacto knife where the catch pin on the wire will be. By using a bit of patience you can remove the wires from the connector and replace them in the proper order. Than take another servo cable and remove...

Sharp Gp2d12 Sensor

I'm having a blast with my EZ-Robot kit. I need to know how to hook up the Sharp GP2D12 sensor to the EZ board. I mounted this sensor at the bottom of my Wall-e pointing to the floor. My grandson lives in a two story house and I haven't taught Wall-e to climb or go down stairs yet (yea right), so this is to prevent him from doing so. As he...

Update On My Ez-Robot

I am just starting with my EZ-Robot. It will be a Wallee. I have most of my function software writen and on the bench at the moment. track servos - arm servos - look left / right servo - look up / down servo - distance sensor /servo Couple of questions are beginning to pick at me. Once I install all this hardware into my Wallee, will I be dependant...

Interface To Ez-Robot

I have used Roboduino boards and they have a cable that connects to the USB port to load the IC chip. Why doesn't EZ-Robot allow the same interface? I am now sitting here with a new toy and can't play with it because there is no interface between it and my computer. Now I find I need an "Bluetooth Dongle" and I don't see it listed as an item to be...
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