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Featuring Ez-Robot Products On External Sites

@DJ Sures.

Hi DJ. I while ago I started to write an "Instructable" while I was building K-9 and I'm getting round to finishing the write up and getting ready to publish it.

But before I do I wanted to ask if it would be okay to do so and mention your products, add links to my project showcase and use your logo within the Instructable? I should have really asked this before as I already have YouTube videos that mention and show your products, but it completely slipped my mind to ask.

So, is K-9 worthy of showcasing EZ-Robots on external websites such as Instructables and maybe give EZ-Robots some more exposure? I like to ask you as I don't want to step on any toes and do anything wrong in regards to the companies exposure. Besides, asking you first the polite thing to do.;)



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Yes yes yes:) Tell the world! Tell everyone! Stand on the top of your home and yell ezrobot! Have a shirt made! Hats, gloves, underwear, bumper stickers! Tattoo your first born's forehead with EZ-Robot logos. Use ezrobot in every sentence every Thursday. Change your first, middle and last name to ezrobot!



Take cans of alphabet soup, remove all letters except e, z, r, o, b, and t, re-can and label as "EZ-Robot Soup".


Everyone always does:) Seriously - there is no other forum or company that has so many successful robots built. And I mean real robots - stuff from science fiction. Show me another community that has over 4,000 robots walking, talking, understanding speech, vision, etc...

Last I checked, we have over 3,000 apps in our ezcloud (many are private, of course). Imagine that! There's 3,000 apps made by community members for ezrobot products. What? Yeah, i'm serious - pretty unreal, isn't it?


We need to get more exposure on LetsMakeRobots.com too.... Have you seen some of the crap on there? One guy just posted a project using a Raspberry Pi to roam around and avoid obstacles.... I think I did that nearly 20 years ago using a Basic Stamp micro...

Some of the projects on here (like yours Steve, Bob's inMoov and maybe even my about to be introduced inMoov) would really wake them up....


Steve- I think I accidentally just deleted your last post! Sorry about that. :D

I just sent you an email with a few logo options to use if you need them! ;)


I know the members of letsmakerobots.com would love the power of the ezrobot platform


If I see one more "line following robot" kit I may scream.



Alan, be nice:).. What? Are science fiction movies not jam packed full of line following robots in the future? Wait, Johnny Five was a line following robot, no?

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Thanks very much for the logos Aislinn. I will make full use of them:). Don't worry about the deleted post. It was just a quick response to DJ's post saying...

I take that as a YES then.:P

That's great to hear, and I will do my best to do EZ Robot proud.

Yeah I've seen then line following bots too sleep. I havn't really looked at "Lets make robots" yet. Sounds like we need to dominate them too. Anyway thanks for responding DJ. I felt it was best to ask you first. I'll post a link to my Instructable here and in my showcase when it's done.:)



@DJ... Now you're just being ridiculous.... he can't follow a green line, it has to be black... Just ask the guys over at letsmakerobots. They'll tell ya'...:P


Hhahaa! Oh there's the color blindness setting in again - grey/green/black what ever:D


I know the guys at letsmakerobots.com are very loyal to Embedded controllers ( not computer controlled) , I have posted and so have others. ... hmm maybe we should make a campaign effort to share ez robot projects to sway their opinion.


@DJ about post #10.:) I like Johnny 5 and all but for some reason eyeroll I cringe when I see him. PTFD.;) I think the long time forum members know why.

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@Troy, you and me both! It took me 12 hours to stop twitching enough to post;)



Its bothering me because I have no idea what you're talking about and it sounds very funny/horrifying



Thankfully most (all) the posts have been purged, but think Nomad's spelling and grammar, but from someone who claimed to be american educated and just "didn't have the time to write well", coupled with an inflated sense of his own knowledge, and a belligerent attitude any time someone tried to correct him.

It was a bad few months. Several of us were ready to leave the forum it got so bad before EZ-Robot took care of the issue.



@Sudo.... There used to be a guy on here that his avatar was a Lynxmotion Johnny 5.... Long story short he might of "rubbed" a few people the wrong way...:P

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Rubbed? Rubbed? I still have nightmares!..


Oh god, do you mean he-who-should-not-be-named?

Nevermind, I remember him from before I made an account. He sounded pretty bad and I never even had a direct conversation with him.


Shhh.. You aren't supposed to say his name. It is like risking calling down Cthulhu;)