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Would it be possible to add support for WeMo devices? That would give the EzB the ability to turn off and on, lights, switches, and small appliances.


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Although I think it is a great idea, there are about a dozen competing home control protocols. If you support one, someone will ask why you aren't supporting another.

They virtually all have SDK's, it might be better for the user community to create connectors between the EZ-B SDK and the home control SDKs.



Although it would be better for the user community. Many of us don't have the ability and have been drawn to the Ez-B because of its ease of use and compatibility.

Of course I certainly don't know how complex a task it is to develop this interface, so if EzB decides it is not worth the time, so be it.


What might be easiest and most flexible would be to build a connector to IFTTT (If this then that)

WeMo already is integrated, and it looks like that might be the easiest way to do Windows integration since their SDK is really targeted for Smartphones.

Other home automation hubs also already have or have people working on IFTTT integration, and I think it could be used in many other ways for having our robots talk to "things".

Only trick is that you need an internet connection, so EZ-B will need to be in Client mode or ARC PC will need two network interfaces.



@dbeard Another way to get data into ARC and on to your robot is through the use of text files. A text file is something you can open and read using Notepad. With no strange characters in it, that is.

If you can get whatever it is you want to use in ARC into a text file, you can use the script language in ARC to fetch it for use. That may not be any easier for you than using an SDK in this case, but I thought I would mention it.

It means you, or someone, has to figure out a way to get the readings from the devices into a text file. One form of that could be to use Tweets to do it. There are often DIY projects on the net describing how to do that so that may be a way to start.


I thought I would bring this topic back up. I am not an expert and have been able to get any of the above suggestions to even come close to working. Actually not even sure I understand how to get them to work. So I was just curious if ever in the future, EZB would add WEMO support?

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With the new plug in support ARC can (in theory) support anything.

I use ARC to control some other brands/protocols for HA however nothing is natively supported but when used with EventGhost everything is supported. There may well be an EG addon for the WeMo support, if there is then I'd start with that and use EG to bridge the gap.


Rich has the nail on the head. The approach to the plugin open architecture is to empower third party developers the ability to create ARC controls. Ezrobot would love to support everything! And we've been pretty good at keeping up. However, the demands are out weighing my ability to keep up:). Perhaps introduce the plugin to the community of the requested product and see what they can do.