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I found some on ebay, very cheap. The little fan works great and plugs right onto the board (no mods to the cable needed). But I am looking forward to the servo expansion board DJ mentioned in another post.

here is a link for the fan


Yes, I have seen that also but I would rather suppport DJ and his efforts rather than China. I do appreciate your tip and if DJ says it will be awhile I will probably go with your suggestion.


We're releasing a case with a fan. It will be ready with the launch of EZ-Bits, in about 2 weeks. This Canada Customs mess has rattled us; we're a little behind on everything.


Hello, DJ. In your film Robot Voltage Regulator Fan it is shown, how you connect power supplies to the system block through tiny digital ampere-volt-meter. Tell please how it is called and where he can be bought? Regards, SergeyZN


Bump...on easy bits....anyone......beuller...beuller...