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Face Recognition Idea.Maybe?

I was wondering, since ez robot has face recognition..could some programming be done so the robot could take a picture and text it or load it automatically in Facebook or Any social network automatically? Think it would be cool to say "robot" take picture and load automatically to my Facebook then have people look immediately at them. Especially like at an event....or has this been done already?


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Sorry, what was your question? Carry on then...:)


ARC has a built in camera ControlCommand() to tweet photos to twitter. If you really want to do facebook the easiest would be to synch your robot pictures folder to facebook using one of the methods in this article: and then have a script take a snapshot whenever it recognized someone. Any other snapshots would also get posted however.

For more specificity,someone would need tp write a plugin to use the facebook API, or DJ would need to add the feature, but that would allow individual statuses to be posted, not just photos to your collection.



Alan is correct - Twitter integration is already there in the software.

Configure the Twitter account in the top menu bar under preferences.

Load the camera control

Click on configure icon for camera control

Select scripts tab

Select to edit the tracking start script

Right click in the text script editor

Select camera

Scroll through and locate "tweet image"


Thank you. Since I'm waiting on my kit I didn't know. But that will work.

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You can also use push notifications to android devices pretty easily. I wrote a tutorial a while back using EZ-Script to use Notify My Android's API to deliver push notifications directly to any android device running/signed in to the same NMA account.

I use NMA for a lot of things, having robots use it too was just a no brainer for me.

Here's the tutorial

With some alterations you could easily use EZ-Script (or better now make a plug in) to send photos where ever you want provided they have an API you can use.


Thank you. I'll check it out. I was able to set up the twitter account to update facebook. So that work around will do for now. Since I'm still waiting for the kit to arrive. I do appreciate it