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Face Recognition, Age, Gender And Emotion Sensing Video

Here is a video of the Face Recognition, Age, Gender and Emotion Detection system used on the ALTAIR Robots using the HVC-P2 - I had to use my favorite Ai character from the movies HAL9000!



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Awesome. Is this compatible with ezb.
Very impressive work Tony!
This is so cool!

David Cochran interfaced EZ-B with it already and created a video of his methods. Apparently there's a plugin for the HVC P for EZ-B.

They have a developer board and a production board. Dave recommends the developer board because you can interface with it via USB.

Here's Dave demonstrating the native Omron software:

Is the cost about $200.00 US?

United Kingdom
Thanks for the kind words, yes the cost of the module is around 200 bucks but it does do a lot of stuff!

I wouldnt get the developer board anymore. The standard board can be connected to from a computer via the serial connection. I use the ftdi friend from adafruit for my usb to serial connection.