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Ezb4 With The Io Tiny

To whom it may concern I would like to know can I use the io tiny or the ezb4 controller to communicate with the another controller?


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Absolutely... Does really well with arduino and i am sure it will do just as well with a Raspberry Pi... Serial communication is one way to do it...


Thank you for responding back, but how do I do it? Because I want to have either ezb4 or tiny as the main controller and the other the driver it's an educational project.


Use the SendSerial commands on the ez-b in EZ-Script to send commands to the arduino.

Arduino requires programming. So you will need to write your program on Arduino to receive the commands


Good morning family of robots, and What I'm saying not the audrino but other micro controllers.


What other micro controllers are you talking about? Do you have the names and/or links to them?.... Any micro controller that can do serial should in theory should have no problem connecting to the EZB....


That is arduino based, as I understand.

I think what you're misunderstanding is that ALL other controllers require complicated C++ code to have them do anything.

So, if you wish for another controller to be slave communication to the ezb, you have to write that code on the other controller. The code will be specific to what you want it to do.

Why do you want to use a cm530? The ezb controllers dynamical servos natively.


With all the time I'm spending in college I've been so busy that I hardly have a chance on working both my ezb or tiny. Until now I'm doing a project and presenting it to my processor, so I want my robot to be more of an educational robot. That's why I only deal with ez robot and co., but I will try to download the plugins for my dynamixel servos.


That's a good start - and ask questions here when you're stumped. There's a lot of examples and tutorials for the controls.

  1. The dynamixel plugin will allow controlling dynamixel servos
  2. The Camera Control will allow tracking
  3. The Auto Position control will allow movements of servos

#2 and #3 can be learned with the activities in the learn section using The Robot Program:)

Have fun!


Question, I downloaded the dynamixel plugin so now how do I get both my tiny or ezb4 to work with my servos?


Hello @Jerserylance,

Please check out the details on the plugin page here