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Ezb4 Used With Heavy Machinery?

Its sad that my omega never was completed nor was rollex but after considering starting all over again more on a heavy duty side, i just thought to ask the question? Is the ezb4 capable of using voltage transformers to power heavy duty motors and relays to power and control heavy machinery like the ardurino or am i asking to much of this amazing and easy to use platform

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You can switch or control any sized robot or device with the appropriate relays... Relays are used to isolate lower power electronics/devices like the ezb4 from high voltage and high current motors, servos, hydraulic actuators etc... Most electronics are 3.3V - 5V so no problem with logic control out of the box...

You just need to learn how... Your skill level will determine if you can accomplish this or not...


Sweet thanks richard. I thought the ezb4 was capable enough. There truelly is no other product out there beter than ez-robot. Now i can make every thing possible i think of. Que evil montage........ hahahaha the world shall be mine, now if only i can figure this out first lmfao

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Omegaproject, I would also consider implementing a watch dog timer board on the robot itself in such an application of a large robot. You could have an I/O point on the EZ-B toggle on and off periodically (maybe change state once a second) as driven by the ARC application on the computer. If you lose communications with the control computer, the toggling would stop and you could detect that - allowing the watchdog function to remove power /put the robot in a safe state. If you have built such a beast already you may have already implemented something similar.


the KR01 has a huge problem.he can only see whats in front of him is. he cant move his head.


Thanks nomad now after i finish programming my new omnibot 2000 i will start on a new beast lol



looking forwart to see it.