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Ezb4/2 ?


I'm a new member of the forums and have seen mention of a new version of the EZB4 controller coming out. I was wondering what the differences are likely to be between it and the current version?

I'm in the process of preparing my first order, likely for a JD kit as well as a developers kit, and deliberating whether to hold off until the upgrade units are available.

Thanks for any suggestions or advice.



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I don't have a list but you can do a search on this forum for them. A couple big upgrades are the WiFi will be a lot better with improved connection and the on board CPU's and design will be a lot faster for smother and speeder responce overall.

Mostly unless your a power user or scratch builder I doubt you'll notice much difference.

The new EZB wont ship till the old stock is gone so go ahead and buy what is available now so the rest of us can get the new one sooner. LOL :)
The difference between the two isn't significant - only in Read command performance, which is generally only used in DIY robots. There will be an upgrade option when it's available for anyone wishing to upgrade to increase READ speeds. There's no reason to push for ez-robot to get the /2 out the door sooner because it's not a major release - merely an upgrade to the wifi CPU.

DIY users who have built custom robots may need to read from dozens of sensors quickly, and the current v4 is quite slow handling read requests.

Revolution robots (jd/six/roli/etc) will have no affect on the upgrade.

Again, if anyone wants to upgrade in the future - an upgrade package will be available that replaces the wifi cpu.
@Dave ... Lol I'll see what I can do to help out:)

@DJ ... Really reassuring to see there's an upgrade path, thanks! Guess I should have expected nothing less from EZ-Robot who from what I can see seem to have worked out what customer service is all about:)

Thanks both for your swift replies.

I really appreciate faster read speeds on the sensors!
Any hard date on when the upgrade will be out?
I have been holding off on an order waiting on it.
No. Only when the existing stock is complete. It's not a new product - it is merely a revision of the existing product. There is no hard date.
And I will be ordering these for all my ezbs:) , thankyou ez robot for listening to your customers !
I am building a custom robot so i am waiting because shipping to canada will probably more than the upgrade to get the uprade module as well as paying shipping twice
@shamon , you do realize their company is based in canada right? you will do just fine, the shipping seems average to me.
@jstarne1 Shipping to Canada involves Duties and taxes unfortunately... Trust me it's expensive to ship EZ Robot stuff here from China...
Yup i did know that. Theyre 300 kilometres from were i live. I believe the product ships from china. Last order i had was 38 dollars shipping. Which yes is fairly decent but my point was i was going to wait to order once instead of paying shipping for the ez -b then in month paying for shipping for the upgrade board.