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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Ezb3 Won't Connect

OOPS! I posted twice.

Well, I will just use this space to ask another question.

I can't find all of the resources for the EZB3. All of the help and tutorials. I found a few, but not many. Where did they go? I was very familiar with the other setup and I could find anything. Now, the GUI is nicer, but I am lost.

All roads lead to V4. That is nice, but I am still using V3 also. I may upgrade at some point. But for right now, I want to use both v3 and v4 together.

It has been so long since I hooked them up that I don't remember how.

There should be a LEGACY section that has all of the original stuff.

Thank You.


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South Africa
When the old ones were here I saved it on my home screen so here is a link to the old page

I got my one saved under the roomba tutorial but you can select which one you want try this link to

United Kingdom
All of the controls have a ? By the X. Clicking on it will take you to the tutorial for the control.
sometimes the ? doesn't give you much help.

I would like to know if

forward (speed) would work with the sabertooth.

I need to vary the speed that it goes so Outside would not be that limited. But, in the apartment, it needs to slow down.


To control speed on the Sabertooth, you need to hook up the PWM ports to digital ports, and then add PWM sliders. There are two PWM ports on the sabertooth, one for each motor, so you can independently adjust the speed of each one in case your motors don't turn at exactly the same rate. For simplicity, you can connect both PWM ports to one digital port and just have one slider, but you get a little less control that way.

I have a question. If I do the PWM ports for control, do I need to hook them to the sabertooth. Or will the use the sabertooth through the program? I have a signal wire going to the sabertooth and of course the battery and M1 and M2. I would have to control both motors because I could not turn left or right if I controlled them together, I guess. You tell me.
If you have the dips set as per DJ's tutorial...... and if using scripts, I would use the serial command...
I have another thread that I asked a similar question.

Do I unhook the sabertooth to D0. Or do I just leave the sabertooth like it is already working. But use the H-Bridge PWM Movement Panel instead of the sabertooth panel. I haven't seen d.J.'s tutorial yet. I will look for it.

sorry for being so Dense.
@thetechguru, Where are the PWM ports located on the Sabertooth? I've looked at the 2X25 manual and the 2X12 Sabertooth I have here in my shop and cant seem to locate it.
I retract my suggestion. I got confused when searching another post for an answer. My sabertooth is sitting in a box waiting for my v4 to get here so I can start my big build.

Send Serial is the right way to control Sabertooth speed.

Thanks, Tech Guru.

I just hook up D0 to S1 and use Send serial by installing Sabertooth command panel. It will go in HIGH all the time, so I use send serial commands from the scripts.

Is this correct? this is what I am understanding.
@Alan, it cool *cool* . Sometimes that just happens. I often speak before thinking or checking fact. I'm constantly editing my post minuets after I send it off. ;) One of my many shortcomings. It's great that we can help and learn from each other and make sure things are right.