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Ezb Sound Servo Vs Sound Board Ezb - Synchronisaion-Questions

Dear EZ-Robot team and forum members,

my work stand still, because I have big problems to synchronise any EZ-Robot servo or other Servos with the EZB intern Soundboard. only one time last week it works but next day with the same settings - NOT.

1. Sound servo EZB Playpack App
2. Sound Board EZB
3. I tested all Update speed and Scalar settings
4. I tested differnt MP3 and Wav-Files
5. I read all 10 pages - 100 threads but I read always the same
and a lot people have synchronisaion-problems.
6. I tested differend Lipo Batteries

I use Windows 7, is this a problem with the newest version of EZ-Builder?

every time the sound servo works 1-2 seconds after the sound played. I can change how often the servo open and cose the mouth but never the mouth and sound are synchrn.

I tested 3 differnet EZBs, 6 Servos, differnt servo Volatage via DC converter.. every time the same problem.. the servo moves to late.

I dont understand why last week one time it works perfect and on the next day with same settings - not! now I worked on it for 32 hours and its not possible to get an synchronisaion.

is this a bug in the newest ARC Software? 3 years ago I had no problems with the sound servo. *stress*

You will have to script the servo with the sound. You can do that using the soundboard, script, or Auto Position (having the sound trigger with an action).

The slight delay is due to wifi latency and audio buffering. It's less noticeable with longer audio clips.