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Ezb Kit Servos , What Is Everyone Using Them.For?

Are the ezb servos good as name brand? Anyone have specs in.them? I was thinking of using one for radar


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I am using one for radar so far, and it seems fine. My first real experience with servos so I don't have anything to compare to though.

They are brand name servos made by Futaba. We use the official models made by Futaba and they are not the knock off's from eBay. Futaba is one of the most popular brands for R/C. Most of the servos you see around are rebranded Futaba servos.

During testing to find the best servo for the price, i tried ordering "Futaba" from eBay and was terribly disappointed. There is a post where i tell people to not buy them. After ordering a sample pack of servos from a supplier, one of the samples was Futaba. I tried them, and they worked amazing, unlike the eBay version. After contacting the company, they informed me that Futaba is very popular and there are knock-off's on eBay.

Sweet , I may.just buy servos from you whenever you get high torque servos in stock.
Sweet , I may.just buy servos from you whenever you get high torque servos in stock. The 7 I have now (two are high torque 107 oz in 645mg from hitek I want to use all heavy duty in arms/shoulders. The servos included in the kit are good enough for all the head movements , is that right dj?
You bet. They are great for the head, and light arms. I use the high torque servos for my omnibot 2000's arms. They're a little jerky because of the weight and the plastic wobbles a bit. But they work great!
Cool dj , my priorities as far as electronics right now is setting up the head movements. Turn left/right , tilt side to side , look up look Dow. That's three servos right there and setting up a radar/sonar with one servo.
Hi guys,

( This is a dollar and donuts thing if you know what I mean )

I have a Hexapod robot that runs 18 servo's

a lot of people say buy a good high torque servo like the Hitec HS-5645MG at Tower Hobby price of

$45.29 each

Modulation: Digital
143.0 oz-in (10.30 kg-cm)
168.0 oz-in (12.10 kg-cm)
0.23 sec/60
0.18 sec/60
Weight: 2.12 oz (60.0 g)
1.59 in (40.4 mm)
0.77 in (19.6 mm)
1.48 in (37.6 mm)
Motor Type: 3-pole
Gear Type: Metal
Rotation/Support: Dual Bearings

Instead I use a Hextronik HX12k from HobbieKing

Hextronik HX12k
208oz@6V(TowerPro MG995) High Speed, High torque Servo
Stall torque:15.0kg/cm (6.0V)

all other specs near identical to the Hitec servo

COST $7.95 each

now for Hitec servo's 18 times $45.29 = $815.22
and for Hextronik servo's 18 times $7.95 = $ 143.10

that's a difference of $672.12

and this is where the donuts come in ...$ 672.12 IS A LOT OF DONUTS.

If you blow the gears in the Hitec it's $21 plus change to get a new set, if you blow a gear in the Hextronik you chuck it and buy 3 more for around the price of 1 Hitec servo set or buy 2 more and some more donuts.

@Putt Putt,

Great Post.....I got two of those servos from HobbyKing and they seem to be well built.....