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Ez4 Controller

To whom it may concern if I purchase the head of JD with the camera to use on another platform do I need to but the EZB Controller in order for it to work?

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You will need an EZ-B controller for the camera. Technically you could use any I2C capable controller for the LED eyes and any controller that can drive servos for the neck servos.



Yep.... The camera only works with the ezb4... What other platform did you have in mind? The ezb4 can pretty much beat anything else hands down....



jersey talk about robotis platform for bioloid. i think he wants to use the head off jd on the bioloid and using robotis. that wont work cause bioloid controller has no connectors for that.



Sudo's Guide To Dynamixels: shows how the EZ-Bv4 can be used to drive the Robotis Bioloid Premium AX-12 servos. There have been problems but the later posts show some solutions.

Another way is to have the EZ-Bv4 communicate with the CM530 via UARTs. I hope to have my Robotis Bioloid Premium 'bot "Lester" working soon. I'll post some details as the project progresses.


here is a pic off lester

User-inserted image


@nomad18.08, Thank you for posting the picture of my Lester. I should have done that.

By the way, Nomad, have you been able to get the EZ-B4 working with any of your 'Bioloid' 'bots? If so, how?



i dont have any bioloid on ezbv4,am no programmer. i saved the pic cause its great robot lester.


That's what I'm talking about and thank you guys I'm a teacher and want to show my students.