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Ez-Tec Rc Truck To Robot

Hey all. I'm a complete noob to robotics and i really need some help. I want to transform my old rc truck into a robot using the ez-robot kit. I have no idea where to start or if its even possible. I've created simple robots using the kit but i was working with a team. Iv never worked alone or tried using an rc truck. Any help at all? Even its just a nudge in the right direction.


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Slight nudge (expect more nudges from other members).

Yes it's possible.

Depending on the RC Truck there could be a few ways to accomplish it. One would be to use a H-Bridge motor controller to drive the drive wheels of the truck. You could use the H-Bridge controls to steer too however it's probably better to use a servo to turn the front wheels.

This is assuming you don't want to keep the existing RC control on the truck and use it as a base, controlled only by the EZ-B.

By the way, you're still part of a team. The EZ-Robot community will be behind you the whole way if you need us :)


That is extremely comforting to know. Thank you. I thought I wouldnt get much help. And is there a way to use both the rc controller and the ezb?


You might consider adding the video camera and maybe the sonar unit to avoid obstacles. It may be possible to preserve the remote control portion of your RC car but normally folks either use the EZ-B or the remote control just not at the same time.


something is wrong with the sonar unit. Ive soldered everything correctly but when testing the distance, it stays stuck on 20. I have the trigger on D0 and the echo on D1 yet the distance does not change. Could I have shorted it out? Power seems to go through it as it gets hot and when echo is unplugged, the distance jumps randomly between 20 and 255


I've heard of this, so your not the only one. I'll wait for someone with experience to comment.


Hi @Jammie300

The Ultrasonic sensor can give you a constant value of 20 if either there is something very close to the sensor that is activating it all the time or if the trigger and echo are mixed up accidentally. Try switching D0 and D1 physically or in the software just to see if the ports got mixed up somewhere in the wiring. Just to cover all bases, another thing to keep in mind is that +5V is the center pin, Gnd is on the inside (chip side) and the signals are on the outside. Hope that helps.


The HC-SR04 is very sensitive and easily short circuit. I am currently on my 10th Sonar. The slightest mistake will burn them, Usually if it is reading a value of 20 or a value of 255, mean something went wrong. It is easier to simply replace it.

As far as the R/C truck goes, they have a built in h-bridge you can tap into, but is better to replace it with an h-bridge and replace the front motor with a servo for steering. I have done both method and replacing motor with servo was more effective.


They sell the us ping sensor at radio shack also so its easy to get one. I can't remember the cost off hand though, sorry.


Thanks. Okay say Im able to get another sensor. How do I make sure nothing goes wrong? Also, would it be possible to simply remove the motor from the truck and use two 360 servos to move the wheels? Im limited to only using the kit so that means no h-bridge.

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Easiest way to ensure the sensor isn't damaged accidently is to use solderless jumper wires, there is no chance of a short then (the main cause of damage to the sensors). They sell them in the EZ-Robot shop (or used to anyway) or on ebay. Push these on to the sensor's pins and the other end push on to the EZ-B pins. Make sure you get the correct ends, you want the ones which will push on to a standard pin header.

As for modified servos to drive the truck, you will be disappointed with the speed of the servos. You could easily just use the existing motors and connect to a H-Bridge (if you look at the photos in that topic you will see the jumper wires I mentioned earlier)


What would u suggest to make it automated? Is there a script so it can move and avoid obstacles on its own? Also I'm having trouble keeping the small servo attachment on the servo. It falls off after a few rotations. Would it be wise to hot glue it directly on to the servo?


Hey, you can use the screws provided with the servo to secure the plastic servo arm to the servo, and there are also other screws to secure the servo in your workplace Hot glue is an alternative solution, but screws are the most reliable solution for the right job and also to remove in the future.