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Just an idea, can we have a forum section for EZ-Scripts like we have for the SDK?

I just think it would make scripts and script issues easier to find etc. and a place (other than the EZ-Cloud) for code snippets that seem to get lost in the middle of topics with no indication of the script in the title (such as my GetADC yesterday has my Battery Monitor script in it).

Personally I like to be able to read, copy & paste code snippets without closing my current project so the cloud, while useful, isn't always ideal.

Just a thought to mull over at EZ-HQ:)


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I also have been thinking about this. a few weeks ago I suggested to Josh that he add a section in his EZB Wiki for scripts. it sure would help thous of us on the learning curve. confused


Yes, please. Until a cohesive source arrives, a section devoted to ez scripting is low hanging fruit...

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I'm sure I'll be populating it shortly as I get more and more involved in the EZ-Script side of things:)


We should try and set a little syntax if possible. Something simple, like if you need help with a script, put [help], if you have an example, [example] before topic name.