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Any idea when the ez robots that were order will be shipped I ordered mine on September 18 and it shows on my bank account that I payed for it but haven't received any notice on when it might be shipped to me.


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Just like everyone else, dude... Anytime between Nov 14 and Dec 1st...

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As @rryerson has said, the pre-orders should begin shipping next week (14th Nov) on a first come first served basis.

If you want further confirmation or an update on your order use the Contact Us page and drop them an email and they will give you an update.


Or check the order page on the top right of your screen.


I ordered my controllers back in June 25th. LoL all in good time


I ordered 3 EZB's back on Sep 18th also and when checking the "Orders" link above it says my order is "Awaiting Review". I hope they have it on file. I don't want to get lost in the mix. :(


Dave mine says the same thing. So hopefully that means nothing:)



Mine is saying.... Step 2 of 3) Processing Order


But its been like that for 8 weeks or so. LoL but its all good. I know it will be soon.


Mine still show step 1 of 3

No pressure


Agreed, no pressure. However that doesn't mean I'm OK with being overlooked. Sounds like it's just a order update thing on the web site. Thanks for the comments everyone.


It is not an issue. Mine has been in the same state since I placed the pre-order and they modified the order for me when I asked to add an item under the same shipping.



Hey everyone! If your order says Step 1) of 3) or Step 2) of 3), don't worry. That simply means your order has been recognize, processed and is waiting for a final check before the shipping is organized and sent out.

DJ will be sending out an email in the next week or so with more shipping information. Thanks!


Thanks everyone for the information. I guess am a bit inpatient.


@bautista116 We all are... However, I would rather them delay shipping then to rush and send out buggy or defective boards... For that reason I am not usually an early adopter. So I do hope they get it right before shipping...