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Ez-Robot Serial Protocol

I'm curious if the EZ-Robot serial protocol is published. I understand why it wouldn't be but I figured that I would ask. BTW, EZ-Robot is an amazing platform.


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Thank you:)

It's exposed in the ez-openbot, If you were to look at the code. But other than that there is no reason to publish the protocol. There is a terms of use disclaimer that would result in legal action if ARC was used on non-supported hardware. But, I also want to support many platforms so it really comes down to communicating with us:) so we could work together on it.

If we stopped selling EZ-B's, development would stop on the platform - and good bye EZ-Robot. And we would have to get new jobs:( and no one would continue advancing robotics like us.

Imagine what EZ-Robot will be in a year?:) and again in two years... And three, etc.. At the agreesive rate we progress, it will be amazing to experience. I want to continue making robot building easy with advanced features.

The world needs robots, and we can make it happen.
Hi DJ,

I am just curious: Do you have planned any updates for the ez-openbot library ? Or are all features already supported ?
I am asking, because I want to start writing my own control program for the robot. Due to some special external libraries and source codes I am relying on, I can't use C# or VB, but C/C++. Therefore I would like to decode the serial protocol and sent it directly from my program over WLAN or Bluetooth to my little robot. This should be possible, isn't it ?

Another platform: Do you have already looked at the ARM based NXP microcontrollers (e.g. LPC11XX and LPC12xx with an ARM Cortex M0 core or LPC17xx with an ARM Cortex M3 core) ? They are really powerful and cheap, enabling a lot of functions running directly on the robot. There is a free development IDE called LPCXpresso with very cheap development boards (<30 US$ including a JTAG programmer/debugger). Sorry for advertising, but I am using these little beasts a lot and I really like them...:D And to be honest, I am a bit biased due to my current employment... *cool*

Anyway, just contact me if you need any kind of support porting the current firmware to the NXP microcntrollers.
Hello:) thanks for your feedback. There is no plan to add firmware to third party controllers. Our firmware is loaded onto our product and sold which pays for software development to support our product. We need to eat:)

As for embedding code on a micro controller... That doesn't follow the EZ-Robot software direction. There are an unlimited number of micro controller products available on the market with this functionality. Our focus is to leverage the power of your PC/Laptop to enable real-time configuration and control of your robot with influence from PC supported peripherals and GUI.:) embedding control code on the micro controller is limiting in many ways - all advanced robots are tethered to a PC.:)

If you would like to create your own application to control the ez-b, that would be neat to see:) Please share your progress, it will be neat to see.
Hi DJ,

I fully agree & understand your position, no problem.

Well, if everything is running well, you will see our little robot in action on the CES in Las Vegas (January 2013) with a very unusual input/command device... :D Stay tuned, I'll post pictures / videos after the show.
That's fantastic to hear! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help:) you definitely peaked my interest
*eek* That's gonna be a great thing to see! EZ-B powered robot at the CES!
One day, an entire booth dedicated to EZ-Robot!
Im jealous:) CES is an awesome show.
And to make it even worse: Me and my "poor" colleagues have to built the robot during our working time and we got paid for it... :D There are worse jobs out there...:P
Watch the NXP booth at CES 2013 !
@ArneB you're so secretive.. share share share:D what are you building?
@DJ: Sorry, but I can't disclose any details at this time. You will have to wait until 8. Jan. 2013 (opening of CES), but I promise to share any links, videos and reports with you !
@jstarne1: The NXP main color is white, therefore no black bot...;)
Just a short status update: The robot is nearly finished as well as the control software. Everything looks good, but unfortunately our marketing guys have forgotten to reserve some space on our booth for the demo, therefore we are not able/allowed to show it on the CES 2013...:(
Nevertheless there are some other nice fairs coming up next year, where we will exhibit this nice "application". I'll keep you informed :)