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Firmware Update Questions V2->V16

Firmware Update Questions V2->V16

Hi DJ & EZ-Robot community, I have problems updating the firmware on my two EZ-B boards. I have a stable bluetooth connection and started the updater, but...

Map Analog Joystick Input To Two Modified Servos

Hi EZ-B community, I need your experience, help & advice... I have built a robot with two modified servos for movement. One servo is located on the left side, the other on the right side, attached to the servos are the wheels. Now I need a mapping function from my analog joystick input on my computer (don't ask... :D ) to the robot servos for...

Ez-B Low-Level Documentation (Rxd/Txd Protocol) Available ?

As far as i understand the EZ-B system correctly, the bluetooth adapter is acting as a bluetooth->RS-232 bridge, right ? I am currently thinking of replacing the bluetooth interface with a different interface and programming my own control software. Therefore i am very interested in getting the low-level RS-232 protocol to get a direct HW access to...

Suggestion For Next Ez-B Version (Power)

As a newbie I am digging through the available documentation and I have seen, that you are using linear regulators on your current EZ-B design to step down the battery voltage of ~7.5V to 5V. This is very energy inefficient for higher currents (e.g. 3A), because you are throwing away (7.5-5)*3A = 7.5W... As a result you need large heatsinks for...

Integrate Ez-B Dlls Into C++/Qt Application ?

Hi, I would like to use Qt, which is C++ based, to write an application for controlling our little robot. Does anyone have any experience, how to integrate the EZ-B .NET DLLs into Qt ? Or is there any other way how to do it (except changing the programming language, because we have a lot of tested/verified modules, which we would like to reuse) ?...
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