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Ez-Robot Revolution! Still On Track For July Shipping?

Is EZ-Robot Revolution! Still on track for July shipping?



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You bet! Have you seen our latest update video from a few weeks ago?

Wow about a million dollars in R&D? Incredible... Was that just for the injection mold process or is that the total R&D for Revolution? No wonder you guys eat pizza a lot, you can't afford anything else... I plan on buying a lot more stuff from you guys when you update the online store later this summer, so hopefully that will get you guys some better cuisine for those late nighters...;)
lol, we're hoping to step up to kraft dinner someday! It's actually a little near $1.2 Million in Canadian Dollars
Now you're making me feel sorry for you... Give me your shipping address and I will send you guys a couple of packages of hotdogs to go with that KD...:P
lol, I remember those day of Noodles, lots of noodles.....Hang in there DJ, your times a comin :):)
United Kingdom
There's nothing wrong with noodles and pizza... Sounds like my diet at the moment but then to be honest, I only have a kitchen because it came with the house.

Great news that shipping is still on track, I did watch that video the other day so guessed things were looking good.

$1 million is nothing compared to the return the EZ-B V4 should bring. You'll have that back in no time at all, I'm sure of it!
All of you @EZ Robot look like new proud daddies in video from post #2, very cool to watch.
Like something is being born (revolution)?
Lol it feels like parenthood for sure:) we were so nervous waiting for the part samples to arrive - with fear that something was overlooked and they wouldn't work. Thankfully, we managed to get it right! There have been a few hiccups and those are in the past.

Our most recent challenges are a releif in relation to a month or two ago!

With that in mind, it's amazing how slow time travels for us. When I speak about something a few weeks ago it feels like it was a few months ago
It's been a journey to say the least. DJ hit it on the head when he said how time seems to crawl. We do so many things in a day it seems like we have been working on something for months when it's really been just a few short weeks.

Everything is still on track for our July target. Every day is an exciting day around the office as we get closer and closer to having a completely finished product! Wooooo!
South Africa
in our currency $1million dollars is 10 million rand and theres nothing you cannot do with 10 million rand