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Ez-Robot Not Selling ,Micro Or Heavy Duty Servos!?!

I'm totaling up the cost of supplies for my rad and I realised that there aren't any heavy duty or micro servos in the shop. what's going on?


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Out of stock - we are in a transition of suppliers and new products. Patience:)


ok no problem. any time range they'll be back? also the ez-b is out. when should it be back in?


Secret, the EZ-B is being replaced with the EZ-B v3 Mini;)

United Kingdom

Nice. I hope you don't accidently let it slip about when that'll be available;)


WOW DJ i cant wait,was asking about this for a long time ,have a few robots i started on my EZB we have now is too big.

STill think you should sell the order board,one reason if the chip gets fried can be replaced easy ,but on surface mount it cant.


Also DJ about the surface board you made and photo of it,how is the fuse replaced and will it have heatsinks.


I will not be releasing any more information about the EZ-B v3 mini until it is launched:)


That's right. SHHHHHHH! ok Dj go ahead and delete the thread


Ouch, I just got a new EZ-B kit and an extra EZ-B board. Oh well, at least they can mount easily on Roombas and Creates.


robot-doc how do you get so lucky getting another ezb with your kit ?


It wasn't luck, I ordered it at the same time I ordered the kit.


Neat , maybe some newer / higher end / or stronger servos coming soon:)


It is the Revolution after all. So maybe.:)


Lol. I've already said too much! Ill try to include some hints in photos on our occasional Facebook page updates;)


:) yeah. Remember, revolution is in beta. What you see isn't all of it yet... We're just testing the waters before the big launch and announcements. You know, of world robotination;)


Any hints on the dates it will come out,like month or 2 dont need the exact date.


I'm hazard to guess soon because the longer they're not selling ez-b's the more money they loose.

Hint hint. SHHHHHHHH!