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Ez-Robot Holiday Card

Just received this in my mail, and it's a really nice gesture (the first holiday card i've gotten from a company that isn't my dads work). Thanks, EZ-robot!

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I was left unscard. Sounds like a border official likes ez-robot key chains.
LoL and when I say key chain. There was no chain just the card and thing thats in the pic I uploaded. Anyways. Thanks ezrobot
I figured I was probably the only one lol. Regardless I think it was the thought that counted.
Same here. I'm actually more interested in why they removed the keychains more than getting one. ;)
I don't think that the key chain fob was removed by humans. I suspect the robotic mail handler is just not friendly to some letters with small bulges. I've has this happen when I shipped out IR components using regular envelopes without protecting them with additional packing.
The edges corners of the fobs are pretty crisp so I could see them poking themselves through with a little squeezing. I'm not a gambling man but, I'd wager that at least one of these fobs will be found in the bottom of a postman's mailbag at some point.

The fob is neat. I've never held a 3d printed item before so I was impressed. Lightweight and seems fairly strong. I think it's been mentioned before but does anyone remember what material they are? ABS, PLA? Which one is the cornstarch one?
PLA is what EZ-robot uses (according to memory, don't hold me to this), so probably PLA.
does this count for belgium too.haha
If you pre-ordered, you'll be sent a card/keychain no matter what. It seems to be people from the US that are recieving ripped open envelopes. (like me) :D
it happens here too.i got 2x v2 and a v1 ripped by arival.and no one knows anything. *mad*
Sounds like Home Land Security is afraid of Robot Chains!
Once I've had an envelope returned to me because (as said above) the machine sorter cant handle small envelopes with bulges. I just had to change the packing to a padded envelope so it gets sorted differently.
I suppose they decided to remove the item and forward on in your cases.
It's the thought that counts;) , I hope they post the stl in the library so i can print one.
Yes indeed! Thank you EZ-Robot team.
Have a wonderful holiday season!
What an awesome thankyou/momento! And a great "collectors" item:) .....The 3D elf was verrrry busy i am sure :)
My postcard arrived today. Thank you EZ-Robot team!

Since my mail gets here via the US post office sorting system, my envelope too has a hole in it and keychain removed.
I believe this is probably due to an automated system or person so that envelopes can go through.

Thumbs down on USPS for destroying the item instead of returning to sender before acceptance.

I truly appreciate the gesture! Thank you so much and have a wonderful happy new year!
Thanks for the Xmas card EZ Robots. Sadly my key chain was also missing through a hole in the envelope. Probably would not have used it anyway but it was a nice thought. Much appreciated!
Hey everyone :-}
Well I received my envelope with the card/picture and the ezrobot keychain all intake about 2 weeks ago and mine goes through the US post office sorting thingy. Thank you very much for the picture and the keychain, mine is displayed on my workbench :-} I really am getting anxious for the v4 kit.
Received my EZ Robot card and cool keychain today.
Thank You EZ Robot, looking forward to a new, exciting, and great year!
Steve S
i got my holiday card thanks dj
but also a hole in the envelope and keychain was taken out.