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Ez-Robot Heavy Duty Servo

Has anyone used the EZ-Robot Heavy Duty servo for the InMoov Head Servos to replace the HS-805bb? That servo is out of stock everywhere and needs modification as well.

Just getting started with InMoov and I want to use EZB. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks!

- Steve


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Comparing the specs it looks like the EZ Robot HD servo may work. EZ is more powerful, but a touch slower in a slightly smaller case then the HS-805bb. The EZ Robot HD servo also has a wider voltage range so that's good also.

I'm no InMoov guy but I'd give it a shot if I were. The thing that would hold me back is if I couldn't figure out how to mount it in the place of the Hitec servo. It is a little smaller physically. But you 3D guys are wizards in making things fit. The other thing would be if it would move too slow for my taste. Not sure if the difference between 0.14 and 0.24 is all that big of a deal.

Good luck and have fun.
The Inmoov is made for the 805's but I have used the HS 755 servo for the up/down motion of the head and the 805 for the rotation in my InMoov. The head is quite heavy once complete. I'm not sure what the torque of the EZ Robot Heavy duty is at 6 volts to make a comparison so I don't know if they would last very long in these positions.
Personally, I would wait for the 805's to become available.
United Kingdom
I second what Bob is saying, I used a 'Tower Pro MG 996' for the head rotation with bracket mod, but it wasn't powerful enough. And went back to a 805. You can use the TS-80 from Tower Hobbies which is identical to the 805.

I think I'll wait the week at this point. They're supposed to be arriving soon. Thanks for all the help.

- Steve
Nothing wrong going with the sure thing. Nothing wrong with exploring new paths. It's all good and only you should decide which way to go first. :)