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Tracking / Personality Generator

Im just starting out with tracking. I have the face tracking working pretty well but when I turn on my personality generator, a very simple movement and speech script, it interferes with the tracking. Is there a way to pause the personality generator when other functions are running? Then lasts say is the robot is idle for 2 minutes it can start up...

Speed Of Speech

Im using the talk servo and I love it! I have an Inmoov head and Im using the EZ-Robot HD Servo. I was wondering is there a way to control the speed of the speech synthesis? Id love to slow it down if possible. As always thanks for your help!

Ez-Robot Heavy Duty Servo

Has anyone used the EZ-Robot Heavy Duty Servo for the InMoov Head Servos to replace the HS-805bb? That servo is out of stock everywhere and needs modification as well. Just getting started with InMoov and I want to use EZB. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks! - Steve
Roli - Getting Started Question - No Movement

Roli - Getting Started Question - No Movement

Just setup my Roli - quick and easy. Setup Wii controller no problem. Wifi is good and I can do the sample movements like dance...

Newbie Question: Speech Synthesis

Hi All, think this is a simple question. When Roli starts up sound works fine. When I attempt to add the Speech Synthesis Control to my I click start and no sound. If I try and it as a script - still nothing. This is the script I tried... SayEZB(Hello) Not sure what Im not doing right. Any help is appreciated! - Steve
Vr Glasses

Vr Glasses

Hey All, Any recommendations on VR Glasses? Wed like to try to control our Roli with the glasses (video and head movements) and the wii controller for the body. Im not sure how you would even hook...
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