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Ez-Robot Ez-B V4 Camera (I Need Help For My Project)

Hi Sir DJ, im asking if the EZ-B v4 Camera can also identify Shape and Color of the object... i really need some information about your product before buying it...


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@d.cochran: sir did you try to incorporate RobotRealm to EZV4 or do you have a sample video for that? just asking to clear my mind about robot realm...:)
I don't know the times for draining batteries. I guess it would depend on how long and how hard your using the servo.

You can use just about any homemade or store bought hardware. There are Serial / Uart ports to send and receive Serial commands through, i12c Ports to control i12C devices, ADC ports to monitor voltage changes and Digital ports that turn on and off low volt (no amp) pins and also can be used for sending (only) serial commands through. There are some built in controls in ARC already to take advantage of these features and you can also write scripts in both EZ Script and SDK that can customize control over your devices.

EZ stands for Easy. It's as simple as that (and it is). ;)
I am looking at Roborelm for a few things. I will be implementing the OCR and barcode reading features. There are ways to pass variables between Roborealm and ARC. This allows both to work with each other.

Batteries are based on volts and amps. The amps side will tell you how long the battery will last. The servos will draw a certain number of milliamps. Well, all of your electronics will draw a certain number of milliamps from the battery. The battery will have a milliamp hour rating. The ones sold here are 1300mAh batteries. This is the number of milliamps you can expect to get from the battery for an hour. Multiple batteries can be run together to either increase volts or amps, or technically both. You should look this up on google to see how to do this. Doing it wrong can kill your batteries or the electronics in your Bot.

roborealm can be downloaded and tested to make sure it does what you want. It is free for 15 days I think. ARC is free, and the EZ-SDK is free. If you haven't downloaded them yet, I would get these apps and explore them. Also, you will be able to see what sensors have been setup to be supported by ARC. I did this and stuck with these sensors so that I knew that they would work. That doesn't mean that others won't work, but using the ones that will work may save you some headaches.
Here is the post you made with answers for each part.

@DJ: Hi Sir good evening... im here again to ask series of question about the EZ-Robot accessories because i finally made a decision to use your products for my project... but for now im still working the design...

First Question: What is the estimated time for one Heavy Duty servo will drain the 7.4v LiPo battery power or make the battery empty? the servo will run continuous...
Dave and I dont know the answer to this and didnt try to answer this one.

Second Question: How long the LiPo Battery Balance Charger can fully charge the LiPo battery power? in this case if the LiPo battery is empty...
Dave and I dont know the answer to this and didnt try to answer this one.

Third Question: For one LiPo battery power up to how many Heavy Duty servo motor can support?
This depends completely on how long you want the battery to last and how many amps are being pulled from the battery. It would be possible to connect 24 of these to a single EZ-B v4 though, and you would be able to use all of them at one time. Your battery solution would have to handle the load...

Fourth: I want to add a homemade hardware and integrate it with EZ-B v4 WiFi Robot Controller... if yes, in what way? You can connect homemade hardware that uses digital, analog, I2C, or Serial communication. As I explained, it would be best to get ARC and look at the sensors and components that have already been programmed to work with ARC and use those, but its up to you.

Fifth Question: I want to add more Lipo Battery because in my robot i will put many servos, cameras and other EZ robot parts.... if yes, how? or any idea what will happen...
As stated earlier, you can add more batteries to prolong the time that the robot will run, or you can add more batteries to get more power. By combining these, you would get more power and more runtime. Please see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdgq1-o1_8g for a brief explanation of how to do all 3 of the above. It is with a different type of battery, but the same applies for any battery.

Sixth Question: what is the implementation for EZ-robot line follower? because i cant find an example for EZ-robot line following...
I haven't done this yet so I didnt answer. I have seen this in RoboRealm but haven't used it yet. DJ has said that this is possible in ARC.

Seventh Question: What EZ stands for in EZ-Robot... Grin
Easy as Dave mentioned above

i hope you could help me to answer all my questions to make my design better and avoid many problems during implementation... Thank You! Smile

This isnt an official statement from EZ-Robot or anything, but please understand that they are trying their hardest to get the products shipped out the door right now, while also supporting the existing platform and also updating the software regularly to handle peoples requests for new features. I am sure that DJ and others would see the question about the servo power consumption if it were in a new thread instead of on an existing one that is entitled Ez-robot Ez-b V4 Camera (i Need Help For My Project). I would post a new topic with the title of something like Please provide specs for Heavy Duty Servo.

As far as RoboRealm, I am very new to it and am trying to figure some stuff out on it myself. I have messed with some of its features but I haven't had time to really dig into it to make something work well. I have seen how to pass variables back and forth between EZ-Robot and RoboRealm, and DJ is releasing another new feature to ARC soon that will pass all variables from ARC instead of individual ones. I would love to provide a sample, but I will be working on other projects and probably not get back to messing with RoboRealm much for about another month or so. I will be happy to try anything and see if I can get it working to help you out, but you will have to give me some time to be able to get to it.

I hope this helps more.
@d.cochran: thank you very much Sir...

the video link you gave is error... your reply help me alot but i will make a new thread about my questions in battery to get more ideas... im sorry if i asked alot because i really need to ask before buying... im only a student and my budget is not big enough that is why i need to make sure how it works... i hope you can answer more questions soon about my design... im still making my design thats why if i saw i problem for my future implementation i ran here and ask hoping to get answer from awesome people like you...:)

but if you found something that cant help me and you have enough time... pls dont forget to reply my topic...
I have found that many people like to help others in this community. I enjoy helping others, and do what I can as much as possible to do so. Your design will have to be your own, but people in this community will help for sure.

Wiring Batteries

I hope this helps you out.
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First Question: What is the estimated time for one Heavy Duty servo will drain the 7.4v LiPo battery power or make the battery empty? the servo will run continuous...

This depends on the servo. Find out the running current draw of the servo (should be in the datasheet) and divide the batteries capacity by the current draw of the servo. This will be only for the servo though, you will need to take in to account everything else being powered by the battery.


Second Question: How long the LiPo Battery Balance Charger can fully charge the LiPo battery power? in this case if the LiPo battery is empty...

This will depend on the battery capacity and the charger. This is calculated easily. For instance, if you have a 1Ah battery and your charger is charging at 1A it will take 1 hour to charge. If you charge at 2A it will take 30 minutes, 4A will take 15 minutes. Etc. Care must be taken not to charge with too much current through, different batteries will vary. Always check with the manufacturer of the battery.


Third Question: For one LiPo battery power up to how many Heavy Duty servo motor can support?

The load of the servos will be required as will the output of the battery. a 30C lipo battery will output 30 times it's capacity, so if it was a 30c 1Ah LiPo it could provide a constant 30A, it wouldn't last very long through. This will also be limited by the fuse between the battery and the servos. The EZ-B V4 has a 20A fuse therefore you are limited to pulling 20A from the battery.

The rest has been answered.
I think he is asking specifically about the Heavy Duty Servo, LiPo charger and LiPo batteries in the DIY section of the store at EZ-Robot. I don't know the specs on these but did look. I couldn't find the details on them to do the math to give the answers.
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I appreciate that however I subscribe to the whole "give a man a fish/teach a man to fish" thing:)
Some of these questions (not directed soley at the op by the way) people ask are liken to... "how do you build a car and how much will it cost"?.... These questions are next to impossible to answer....

To the op.... you need to just take the plunge and figure some of this out yourself.... we can't answer some of your question... You need to try it out and see.... I do promise you, you will love EZ Robot...:)
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@Richard, you're always going to get that, there isn't much we can do about it other than direct them to pre-built robots like what they are asking for. I guarantee those questions never stop popping up from time to time.

Just while we are on the whole "give a man a fish" thing, @Richard R is a prime example of why I teach to fish. I'm sure he will agree when I say that his time on these forums has increased his knowledge tenfold (and seeing him teaching to fish now is just awesome).
Rich yes, tis true, the more time you spend on this forum the more you will learn and then be able to contribute to others.
@Rich..... I have always appreciated your help (and others).... I do agree that "we" as EZB users do need to "fish" for ourselves as much as possible.... I do try and work things out myself, but when I get stuck I do seek the forum's help...We learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes... Old cliché of course....
please mark this as answered if it was, and mark the person that helped you the most as the person who answered the question.

all my questions are answered... thank you:)
There is an option in the message to choose who answered the question for you. Please choose one of these fine people and mark the issue as resolve of answered.

and BIG THUMBS UP to sir Rich and other people... :D