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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Ez-Robot Camera : Grid Lines

Good Morning,

Is there anyway to "save" the grid lines in the software? If I open and close my project, I have to re-adjust my grid lines to the position that I want. Thoughts?

Wayne A

AI Support Bot
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It appears to happen to me too. I think its just a camera thing. Maybe by using different cameras?
Or maybe when it disconnects from the camera it goes to defaults again?
United Kingdom
If I recall correctly it used to save this and restore to the saved positions on load however now it doesn't (at least it doesn't for me either). Possibly something has been overlooked during an update.

The bottom line is, no you cannot currently save the grid line position settings (well technically it does save them, it just doesn't seem to restore them on project load). Hopefully DJ will see this and add a fix to his list.
@Rich: Thanks for the reply. Yes, lets hope DJ does see this and corrects in a future update.
roger that! I'll add it for the next update:D