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That is excellent news Jeremie & rz90208! Thank you very much for that feedback!

In my case they ship from Hong Kong so postage is also a massive saving.
In total I would get the 3 of them delivered for one third of the cost incl taxes, I'm sure the boss can't complain about that deal!
Thanks JonWatker, I should have suspected that. My new cameras (hopefully they are the new ones) are in the mail. After 3 years away from EzRobot I was keen to get back into Robots as I (wrongfully? Hopefully not) assumed things had progressed! At this stage any improvement is a plus. I've downloaded the latest software but twice already it has locked up for unknown reasons. Not a good sign as it's on a new Win 10 PC!

Can you elaborate on your issues at all? I'd love to see if we can help you out with them.

WiFi Connectivity issues can usually be resolved through changing the WiFi channel on your EZ-B or it could be possibly poor signal getting to the EZ-B. I own some devices myself that have really poor AP mode connection due the antenna design/RF strength that they have. Can you try other devices, USB WiFi dongles, etc.

In terms of power draw, I'm surprised, the entire Revolution series was designed around power efficiency. Are you using a larger than normal amount of servos?


This does a lot of amazing stuff, but still has a lot of issues relating to power draw and WiFi connectivity.

It's important to compare Apples with Apples:)

There are 2 wifi controllers V4 (BlueGiga) old and V4 v2 (MXChip) actual.

Which one you have problems ?
I just received the Cameras from Hobby King Singapore and can confirm they are the new version with single board and a heat sink, Hooray!

Now comes the thrill of exchanging the one in JD's head!
Be super super super careful to not knock the lense off the pcb when taking it in and out of jd’s head
Thanks much for the tip DJ!

I've just opened the standard camera enclosure and saw that I had to remove the foam pad prior to extracting the camera/board. I can see that the camera can easily be knocked off the board *eek*
Thanks for that info rocketking! I do "need" a couple more!
United Kingdom

Thanks for the info, just brought two cameras, great price!

Thanks @rocketsmith It looks like they are out of stock now. We must have grabbed them up. If HobbyKing would drop their EZB price - they could watch those fly away too :D
they have them agian on their website in the global warehouse and it is listed as 9.99 each.
United Kingdom
I just got one in the UK, which got delivered yesterday and I only paid £6 for it.

Equivalent to about $8, and free shipping and no tax.

Does look like version one though, haven’t get taken it out and had a proper look!
Actually it is version camera with heat sink.
Version 1 is two pcb's connected together with a plug. That is a single pcb, so it's v2 according to rz90208's photo
New hi-res one coming out "soon" ?