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United Kingdom
Dude, the EZ-Kit alone fetches $200 on ebay and the wall-e u command can fetch quite a premium, minimum of $40 without controller, can get more than $100 with controller... The buy it now price is very fair, if not a little on the low side.

@TNMike, good luck with the sale and the farm:)
I'd be surprised if this goes for below $300
There are so many ways you can use it on the Farm. You should keep it until you have more time and then think of a way it can benefit your Farm. Sell the toys, but keep the EZB.
That auction didn't last long! Thanks folks! I'll still be around.
You had some nice bots to work with there. Outside my current budget unfortunately. I hope they went to a good home.

That was an excellent deal! If I had time and space for them I would have snapped that right up!
Had I seen this earlier I would have taken it in a second!