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Ez-Bit Ideas

Here are some ideas for EZ-Bit parts:

1. An attachment for the ping sensor that allows for stationary or up/down/left right movement.
2. A generic L shaped bracket with holes for adding loose components like IR sensors photocells etc.

If anyone wants to add their own to the post please feel free.



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yes nice housing for the ping sensor would be great:D
Great idea for a post! If you can, share a sketch using free software like Google SketchUp or even simply a piece of paper with a drawing. There are some amazing 3D builders on our forum who might be able to turn them into reality:)
Perhaps adding another tab on the Community Forum , categories and call it EZ-Bit Ideas as Darathian called this thread! My two bits( now that's a good title too):) worth
My 3D artistry is pretty bad but perhaps something like this. It would attach to the Clip 'n' Play Rotating servo using a male EZ-Clip or to the Roli neck.

I am sure someone could improve this.:)

User-inserted image