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Ez-B V4 Product Accessories For Use With Raspberry Pi 3/4 Or Arduino

Will ez robot accessories that connect to the ezb-v4 work on the i/o and other pins of the rasp pi 3/4 and arduino's like other manufacturers accessory kits do or am I wasting my time? I want to know becuase i don't plan on using ezbuilder or ezb-v4. The ez robot accessories are better quality built and give faster explanation of their useability than other accessory kits do and its just faster to buy thought ez robot then any other manufacturers. Plus python is a faster way to program on pi than to run through ezbuilder and ezb, at least how i run through things, instead of using c# like a old pc from the old days. Love ez-robot but just need a faster easier approach to start with.

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My first robot for YouTube has a built in Latte Panda and a 10 inch touch screen. I have 18 axis of motion. It’s not all together yet to test all them working at the same time so not sure it the original panda will have enough power. If not I’ll swap it out with the alpha. It’s not slow but not fast once you have it up and booting. But prolly way better than a pi.

i look forward to any hack nights with the panda.
Will, the ui during development is gonna be slow no matter what you do on a light weight computer. Whether it’s compiling a custom program in gcc. However, once the program is up and running - it’ll fly. 

the UI is most expensive for computing. It’s very taxing to provide all those gradients and shaders and anti aliasing and transparencies and widget rendering. But once you stop clicking on stuff and let the program run, it’ll rock. 

turning off UI enhancements on the latte panda will speed the ui up a lot. Like disabling transparency and such. Also removing all the unneeded programs. A big performance improvement is disabling the virus scanner. 

I believe I covered those performance steps in my latte panda tutorial.
Cool. I will definitely do all those things to get it running a bit faster. The interface is really just going to provide one function of altering three choices. After that it won’t be doing anything but rocking ARC!
Right on 

To clarify - i don't mean the user interface for the user. I mean the interface of the operating system that you're using when programming. When you program and use the software, you're using a ton of cpu to interact with stuff. Simply having a user interface in ARC for users doesn't use much processor.
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Got it. I'm testing and building out ARC on a laptop then when finished I will port the saved project over to the Latte Panda. And also to be clear it wasn't ARC that was slow, it was the Panda its self on booting opening programs etc. Its amazing how used to speedy computers and tablets we've become!

That leads me to a question. Is it possible in ARC to create a UI similar to the  mobile interface ( like buttons, sliders etc), so a user would not see the ARC windows but rather components like virtual buttons etc?
Thanks dj, and i see your point on the pi, ive done alot of research the past several days in to pi, odroid, asus tkinker board, latte panda and nvidia jetson products and honestly, the latte panda and nvidia jetson xavier and even odroid are just better than a pi, of courses budget wise the panda alpha is the best pic, followed buy the odroid middle priced and the top of the line nvidia Xavier which is extremely powereful and would be amazing to use with either its own onboard microcontroller with their  robotics software for use with its supported hardware or even with EZ-Builder and ezb-v4 controller instead of its onboard controller or just ezbuilder and the onboard controller as well like the latta panda. Honestly i feel like a fool for doubting ezbuilder or ezbv4 at all, i mean i jump on the bandwagon as soon as i discovered ezrobot in '13/15 when i was almost completing my first bot, which rest robo soul never got completed, omega project never seen the light of day. But the reason i joined ezrobot revolution and the synthiam software is becuase of its simplicity and superiority in its approach to robotics and its powerful Flexibility in aplications. I to this day will never dought the ez- robot evolution again, because there just isnt any other substitute for it, just 3 sbc that can use the software and no other micro controller on the market can compete hands down.