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I found the settings and they are set correctly setup. The servo pad control makes the motors work correctly however that's the only control I have been able to make work
It doesn't look like your motor driver supports serial mode - if that is the correct manual.

So, you will have to resort to servo mode. Due to that, I do not have any configuration values to suggest. You will need to expirement with the Modified servo Movement Panel to determine what values to use.

You can use a "Vertical Servo" control at first. Move it slowly and write down the values of the speeds you wish. Use those values in the Modified servo Movement Panel.

I cannot suggest what dip switch setting to use because I have no experience with that Sabertooth. If you need additional support, I would recommend contacting the manufacturer.
If you get it working tklass let me know. They just sent me their new 2 x 12 h bridge and I have never used one given this is my first robot.
@jstarne check to see if it has serial mode - if so, you're good to use our control. Otherwise, i cannot give suggestions to use servo mode because I have no experience with it.

I had one Sabertooth controller that i could have tested with - but it stopped working. I'm can't justify spending another $XXX dollars on another.:(
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

The model they sent can use a few different options , one is rc , these are the others.
This means I can use serial connections on ezb?
I have the same one and followed the directions for both serial modes at 38400 which does not respond with ez b unless you use the servo Tab which works perfectly.
I'm using (2) sabertooths 2 x 12 in my ARMadeus robot. One is set in the RC mode, the other simplified serial mode (9600 baud). Both work fine with the EZ-B.
can you let me know what controls you are using in serial mode and your dip switch config ?
DJ - Is there a better motor controller that you would recommend. I am using the luxmotion kit with 4 motors that should drive like a tank. I don't need mixing for now.

The dip switch settings for simplified serial mode that I used are :

Switch 1 Up
Switch 2 Down
Switch 3 Up
Switch 4 Down
Switch 5 Up
Switch 6 Up

I'm using a Logitech F510 Gamepad for my robot control. I configured the right joystick to control two linear actuators with the serial mode Sabertooth 2 x 12. The default left joystick was configured to control a Movement Panel with different speed controllers. I hope this helps a little.

thanks @Jim Milan i'll give that a shot thats
Jim, if you posted your project, that might help TKlass.

@JStarne you can use packet serial. Press the ? button on the Sabertooth Control and view the tutorial. That will show you which configuration settings you will need. Compare those settings with your manual, they may be different. You care about the Packet Serial and Baud Rate.
Can you recommend a better motor controller?
This tutorial you speak of, when I click the ? It takes me to the jumper config screen, but does not talk about configuration options for the control. Am I missing something ?
@Tklass - please follow the jumper configuration in the tutorial page after pressing the ?

Compare the jumper configurations to the manual for your Sabertooth - in case they are different.
the jumpers are the same and i have confirmed that they match the documentation on the motor controller.

can you tell me why the servo pad works fine and controls the motors? i am not sure the difference if i use the horizontal servo control then i can make the motors run as well. I just cannot use the sabertooth control so i cannot make the bot move forward and back left and right
Thanks for all the help everyone I figured out that the problem was the sabercontroller itself. When I tried my buddy's controller it works perfectly as expected. I will be sending mine back.

Thanks again for the support !

You can also call up the sabertooth factory for support. They really spent time with me and helped me get mine going. They told me stuff that was not the same as in the manual.

Good luck!

That's cool Mel, I contacted them to get the sabertooth 2 x 12 h bridge