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Ez-B Versus Arduino

This maybe a taboo subject but I'm trying to make a case for purchasing EZ-B instead of the Arduino for a small scale childrens introduction to robotics. I suggested the EZ-B but have been met with resistance from others who have used the Arduino. Has anyone ever had a similar situation? If so, what "selling" points did you use to reinforce your position on the EZ-B? In other words, what makes the EZ-B better than the Arduino?




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United Kingdom
Not taboo as far as I know. But you are likely to receive replies more in favour of the EZ-B on here:)

The main difference is, Arduino is on board code and the EZ-B needs a connection to a PC to run.

Both have their good and bad points.

Stand alone
Lacks power
Requires programming - no GUI

Requires a PC
More powerful (as powerful as the PC)
Simple to program, simple GUI, no programming experience necessary

Those are just off the top of my head but are probably the biggest points. I may expand more when I get home.

Going by Niek's latest video they are currently working on an Arduino module that plugs in to the EZ-B, so it may be the best of both worlds.

Personally, for most of my projects I intend to use the EZ-B. For some smaller projects (for instance my automatic blinds and automatic stair lighting) I intend to use Arduino.
Thanks Rich! I think the ease of programming may be my best selling point at the moment. Another benefit may be the complete kit given that it comes with servos and such. I don't know of any Arduino kits that are as extensive as the EZ-B kit.

Thanks again,

I have used both of them. I have two Ardunios sitting collecting Dust. No Contest. EZB all the way!

What sold me, and why I had to come and work for EZ-Robot, is the scalability of the projects. You can get something awesome up and running in no time what so ever. Or you could have a much more complicated project good for a university student if you wanted to scale that way. I loved that I grabbed a kit and got my 11 and 9 year old cousins to build a Box-Bot with me just watching over them with minimal help.

With EZ-Robot, DJ is dedication to adding new features constantly. There is always something new with ARC or the Firmware, and that is always exciting!

Other things I love are:

- The wireless integration is awesome
- Using a computer allows you to use a lot less power because you are using your laptop battery for a lot of the functionality - Integration with 3'rd party robots
- All the tutorial videos
- Higher level of functionality that is provided (face tracking, color tracking, augmented reality, etc)

And of course the awesome community here :)
United Kingdom
Yes, the most welcoming and helpful community I have ever come across and I've been on a lot of forums in my time.

The biggest selling point in my eyes, and the reason I stuck around and help as much as I can... the passion the EZ-Robot staff have in their product and the customer services they give. It's not many (if any) companies who have a CEO who will go above and beyond to make the EZ-Experience a good one.

The awesome community who welcome everyone, respect everyone and will go above and beyond to help too are a great bonus too.
Isn't it a shame that a lot of businesses don't provide this level of customer support?
@everyone ....well said and ditto! A lot of us are now waiting for the mini EZ, soon to be released:)
Thoughts about using EZ-Robot:

Fast to build your first prototype robot. And to learn, using ARC and its controls.

I just love the bluetooth camera. That is how I found out about EZ-Robot via goodle search for robotic cameras.

I also like that it is not a closed system, and you must only buy from one robot source.

Since this a hobby for me to build robots, this has open up many avenues for me to explorer. And I don't need to make my robot project perfect either, use what is around the place.

Updated: 07/17/13:):):):)
Thanks everyone for the suggestions!
I don't think you can really compare the two directly. I been programming and working with computers for a couple of decades and I can tell you robotics requires top shelf skills it is the pinnacle of computer science. The field has an incredibility high learning curve and frustration is to be expected. I've been learning robotics for almost a year now and I still consider myself a beginner.

I've been working with both EZ-B and Arduinoand I like them both. You get a lot of functionality right up front with ARC; functionality that would take you years to reinvent on another platform. Arduino requires an intermediate level of C++ software design if you want to make more then a flashing led project. Learn how to use both and you can do anything any other hobbyist is doing. I'm working on both systems for my omnibot project trying to discover and balance their strengths and weaknesses. I can tell you, as far as, the computer vision system and servo control in ARC goes nothing compares. IMHO that's where EZ shines!
I had that same argument with myself back in March , when I wanted to get started into the world of robotics. I have look into several different platform from Arduino, to raspberry Pi, Lego Mindstorms, all the way up to Hanson Robokind R30 Humanoid (start at $12,000). Than I Google advanced beginner robotic software and micro-controller, where I stumble across ez-robot on YouTube. It took me about 3 weeks to watch all the videos, was really skeptical at first. Finally convince myself to purchase the complete kit and I'm really glad I did.

I have both Ez-B and Arduino,

Arduino is an open source hardware's, the board can be fabricated at home, if you have all the tools. As everyone else mention, it require some type of programming experience to get the most out of it. otherwise, you'll be stuck at blinking Led's.

Ez-robot have both the SDK for advance programmer along with ARC GUI for beginners. If you lack programming experience, you can always start with ARC, as you become more advanced move to script, eventually switch to the SDK when you get bored of the GUI.

Ez-B support a vast amount of Arduino sensors, and by far have the best online community on the internet. Questions get answer within minutes. DJ provide tutorial for ARC, scripts, hardware's and a box robot to get your feet wet.

I have both and I prefer ez-b.
United Kingdom
I have to disagree with you on one thing PJ, and that is the SDK.

I thought that I would be moving over to the SDK once I got very proficient with ARC, it was to be the stepping stone to getting me back in to programming and also was looking like it would be what was needed to interface the existing AI system I have running however, I spent a few weeks with the SDK and Visual Studio and ended up going back to ARC.

While having the option there to do just about anything you want by using the SDK, ARC and EZ-Script (which is developing all the time) can do pretty much anything you need it to do, including interface with other applications. I honestly cannot see a valid and justified reason to use the SDK (please, give me one, I want a reason to use it).
lol, I agreed with you. I am a curious individual that always want to learn new things. No valid reasons as of why I like to use it. Mainly for self educational purposes.