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United Kingdom
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Ez-B V4 Order

I've just received my EZ-B v4 and other parts I ordered, which has ONLY taken exactly 1 mth from date of order, which is pretty amazing given all the bad Press on delivery dates, I've seen on this forum! :)

I know these were for complete kits, and not for individually parts which I had ordered, but still its pretty impressive!

One question which might of been discussed before, but I've noticed the EZ-B
unit fits very loosely in the power shell, and only seems to be held into place by the
power connector plug?

Is this normal, not a real problem as I'm not going to use the power shell in my design, but just thought I mention it.



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United Kingdom
Yes that's normal. There is a lesson for tightening up the connector if it's too loose.
Yeah, when we designed the holder - if it was too tight, the power connector pin would not always line up perfectly and end up bent. Designing it a little loose allows the power connector to slide together easier without bending the pin accidently. The looseness is actually part of the design:)
You could shim it up with a little paper or even a bit of hot glue (hot glue can always be removed later if need be)....