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Ez-B V4/2 Comm Upgrade Boards

My two V4/2 Comm Upgrade boards have just been delivered, please note they were packed up in a 'LiPo Balance charger' box.

At first I thought I got sent the wrong order! Although the paperwork was correct, it wasn't until I went to open the box which seemed light for a Charger unit, I realized it was the boards inside. :)



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Nice! Enjoy:)

There's no special box for the comm upgrade, as it really only applies to the handful of diy users in this forum. All other schools and consumers use revolution robots and have no need or technical ability for the upgrade.


Same here, came in a charger box, was a little worried but once I opened the box I saw the upgrade board. It is installed, configured and running like a champ. Thanks DJ.


dbeard - how are you loving the quick adc query time? Pretty wild hey!


Mine were just delivered. I should be able to get them installed tonight or Sunday.



Got mine running too. I love the ability to turn off the chimes


DJ, the new board works great. Very fast and no more issues with ADC.


got mine and its awesome! thank you so much for this board upgrade!



I just ran a few quick tests of the new EZ-B V4/2 Comm Upgrade Board against my EZ-B V4 units which are running EZ-WiFi v0.3

  1. The V4/2 is really good at auto-reconnecting in the Client Mode to the router even after router Wi-Fi was turned off for 5 minutes

  2. The V4/2 shows up quickly in the "Discovery" box without having to start a scan.. see enclosed clip

  3. The V4/2 does not appear to offer a DHCP server function when in the Client Mode if appears the router DHCP server is too slow... my v0.3 units do that at times

These are all great features

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