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Ez-B V4 115,200 Baud Rate On All 24 I/O

So, Jeremie and I were checking the latest EZ-B v3 firmware against the existing and new functionality of the EZ-B v3 communication. I'll get to that in the release notes, there's a new EZ-B v3 firmware coming this weekend... Anyway, we were playing with the EZ-B v4 and decided to see if we could push the speed limits of the old limit of 57,600 baud rate on the I/O Pins.

This is different than the 3 High Speed UARTS from the EZ-B v4. This is transmitting on any pin to send data out. The old v3 used to max at 57,600 per pin and only one pin (d0) was 115,200. Now the v4 will output 115,200 on all 24 I/O - including the 3 high speed UARTs which transmit and receive at 3,750,000 Bps!

We're pretty excited about that:D We hope you are too!


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Thanks! That means you can hook up numerous LCD screens or sabertooth's, etc with higher baud rate and lower latency.

The new ezb v3 firmware is real cool too! We might be able to release it today... It's being tested now. It has a neat feature - which will increase connectivity reliability and performance. Something I learned while designing the v4 and realized I could simulate the process in the v3.
Great ! Thank you for the "EZB v4 on steroids" !
@DJ As I have seen written "shut up and take my money"! :D:D .... Warp speed Number 1 and boldly go where no robots have gone before! (Revolution)
Super cool! Well done @DJ!