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Ez-B V3 Controller

Hello! I like your project! I watched your video on the modernization of Robosapien, etc. I really want to do the same ... Can I still buy a controller ez-b v3? Controller Ez-b v4 not work for robosapien?


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The ezb3 is discontinued.... EZ Robot does not sell them anymore... The only way you can buy one is if someone on the forum has one to sell or from another private seller...

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It would be wise to also point out that ARC will eventually stop supporting the V3 which will render the V3 useless (unless you archive old versions of ARC).

Does the current version of ARC still support Robosapien?


The current version of ARC still has support for RoboSapien.

@Blisargon, if you have your heart set on a RoboSapien and a v3 you would have to try to find one used. There were also different hardware releases of the RoboSapien and not all of them worked well with the v3 (this was documented in older threads) and you could not tell which one was going to be a good match until you opened up the RoboSapien.

I have several v3s and RoboSapiens and I don't use them. I have a JD with a v4 and could not be happier. The range of motions and actions and ease of scripting and controls is above and beyond anything I could do with a RoboSapien.


We will branch ARC into two versions before discontinuing. This will allow legacy v3 support - however, new features would not be included in legacy versions.

In short - if you get a v3, don't worry - there will always be a software download for it. It just may not be the latest features:)


@DJ Sures,

Thanks for clarifying that. This has come up in several topics and generated a lot of concern with users that still had V3s. I think this will put a lot of minds at ease.