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Ez-B Not Getting Power, Regulator Heats Up

My ez-b is no longer turning on, I believe the regulator nearest to the LED doesn't work, it heats up a lot, how do I go about replacing it?

Also my bluetooth module doesn't work anymore, do you know where I could find one of those?

Oh and do u know how i could bypass it with regulated 5v to get it working right away



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Is anything connected to the EZ-B when this happens?

Replacing the regulators is pretty easy if you have experience with desoldering. although you do need to be careful not to heat up the traces too much or they will separate from the board.

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Also go to learn on the website click on hardware tutorials and then click fan regulaters

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In my experience hot regulators almost always point to bad wiring somewhere or a very high input voltage being used.

What input voltage are you using? If it's less than 12v then this is most likely pointing at something not connected correctly or a short on the EZ-B. First check would be to unplug any accessories connected, power up the EZ-B and see if the regulator still gets hot. If it does then check the board over for shorts etc. If it doesn't then it's something you have wired incorrectly.

The EZ-B is a very well made board and while there are a few which will probably have some minor defects I would always advise checking the user added components first.


see the heating up is not the problem so a fan will not solve the problem, I think it is heating up a lot because the regulator is not working, I have soldered a lot before, but does it matter what type of regulator I put on it, and can I bypass the regulator by putting 5v through to see if it is the problem or not?

What troubleshooting methods should I take for the regulator to see if it works or not?

Edit: 5v for testing, 12v when running; I have connected just it to 5v and it heated up a lot, thats why i don't think it works. It used to work before, but the regulator just recently started heating up and the EZ-B doesn't turn on


I think you're on the right track. A few months ago I accidentally fed 12 volts through the five Volt digital pin. My EZB also did the same as yours. No lights and the regulator would get very hot. It was determined that either the regulator was bad or the main chip or both.


If you plugged a servo or sensor into the ground port invetween d13 and d14 it will short your regulators. Also, if you've reversed the polarity of the battery to the ez-b it will short it.


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