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Ez-B Available In Australia?

Hi All,
I'm trying to find someone (a business) locally in Australia that sells the EZ-B. I have tried Richies RC in Melbourne but he has decided not to sell the EZ-B anymore.

My original EZ-B is kaput and I'd like to avoid paying high postage prices to get one sent if possible. If anyone knows of a business which does sell them, can you please let me know, my robot needs to live again!

Cheers all.


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Kaput in what way? Maybe we can help you get her going again?

Have you done the diagnostics testing?
Really ? Ezb is all over his website
United Kingdom
Ironically, that is where I got my EZ-B from which was only a couple of months ago, so must be a recent decision.
Yeah I spoke to Richie yesterday and he said there's no margin in it for him. Shame really.

Hi Lumpy, I've had troubles with one of the voltage regulators and when I got a replacement and soldered it in nothing happened. I had to wait a very long time for the regulator and I really just want to get a new one so I can start playing again.