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Ez-B And A Usb Webcam???

I have a regular USB Webcam

i want to put it in a robot but don't know how to

is there a way to turn this into a wireless camera


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need a small itx computer board with usb inputs running EZB software
if a smaller design robot ?
yes,there is no usb port on EZB,ITS a microcontroller does not having a operating system like windows installed, other way you can do it is buy a bluetooth webcam or wifi,problem is using a webcam it needs windows drivers installed
on bluetooth or WIFI it transmitt signal to a computer with drivers installed on a operating system and you see it on your PC the video

there is the ROBOBOARD can can install windows or rabbit board,both are small,but like all boards you need memory stick or hard drive,there is a tiny LINUX BOARD ALSO

there another way but very hard to hack a USB webcam and find the TTL PORT going to the USB chip and tie a bluetooth transmitter to it,never tried it but might work
hi thomas,have you started to use the EZB YET
You can used a wifi cam like this...
User-inserted image

Or just put a computer inside your bot , a 6.5 inch mini itx....
User-inserted image
@JSTARNE is not the bluetooth that EZ robot sells
lot of my robot designs use a itx-board ,but smaller robots need a bluetooth like in DJ wall-e project
Yea , I gotta controll any other robots with Bluetooth , its too much money to put a itx in each one lol.
problem with that is only one robot can be used at a time,ebay has nice itx board 2gig 1.6 ghz for under $50
also LEAF software does have robochat,where the robots can talk to each other about us
second LEAF can control ROVIO robot and if you add roborealm software to there are others to control
and soon EZB,plus control it from any place in the world
just way to much to list here,will take a page or 2
Link me robot.maker to.that eBay.mini itx... Pls
is there a cheaper version of the EZ-B camera
@jstarne that same one the i found for $40,
$29.99 +$9.99 shipping
@jstarne1, what OS will you run on that miniITX? Are you planning on XP? With a solid state drive, they could be very useful!
thats what i do for most of my robots. ,SSD is better because of low power,cant really get damaged. and lower weight