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Battery Question For Dj

Battery Question For Dj

i want to control multiple servos and sensors (6-8 ports) with the ez-b i dont planning on running it for more than about half an hour and only have two options to choose...

Quick Battery Question

which one of these should i use to control the ez-b thatll be connected to 5-6 servos and 2-3 sensors? 12v 2.3Ah or 12v 5Ah or 12v 3.4Ah feel free to let me know if my specs are wrong

Which Battery Should I Use?

i am trying to create a mini wooden tank run by windshield wiper motors i am going to control the motors with a bunch of servo switches and wanted to know if its ok to power both the ez-b (connected to about 5-6 servos) and both motors with the same battery if so which one of these should i buy (is it ok to go over 5 -- i dont want the fuse to blow...

Know Any Contests?

does anyone know any ongoing or even (closely) upcoming (anything technology related) (free to enter) contest? p.s. besides the ones on p.p.s. online contests only please (photography counts as well)

Tutorials On Electricity (Basics)?

does anyone know any good books or websites where i can learn the (absolute) basics of electricity? im interested in the field of robotics but dont know much about electrical components, vocabulary, and solutions. (i dont have many resources) any help would be appreciated thanks p.s. still in high school

Connection Failures With The Ez-B

I bought an ez-b about 4-5 months back and only used it three to four times the thing is that i used it for a robot and so i used up about 7-8 ports (6 of them were for servos) i realized that i got connection failures for that because i was only using 5 double A batteries so then again tried it with a 6 volt battery and then a nine volt battery,...

Only 3 Pins On The Distance Sensor????

I saw the tutorial on distance sensor and wanted to attempt it myself however, the ping sensor i have only has three pins: ground, 5v, and SIG what do i do? / How do i do it p.s. Im a newbie so please explain in dumbest way possible confused

Questions For Dj About Joystick

Two weeks ago, i posted a thread about not being able to use logitech gamepad f310 with the ARC (i was too late to reply so i am posting this another thread) i tried multiple ways to get the thing running but am still stuck all buttons work (for assigning) except for analog buttons and directional pad i checked for a switch and it was on D like you...

Is Instructables.Com Legit

I understand how big the site is (thousands of threads and members) but if you (a member) win a prize in one of the competitions, would it be safe to release personal information to redeem it. (address, phone number, etc..) i am not questioning the website, just curious p.s. Found EZ-B on there

Logitech Gamepad F310

I have this controller but am unable to use the the arrow buttons on the left (i think its called the directional pad) or the analog buttons to control a servo also wanted to ask on how to control multiple servos with one button
Ez-B And A Usb Webcam???

Ez-B And A Usb Webcam???

I have a regular USB Webcam i want to put it in a robot but dont know how to is there a way to turn this into a wireless camera

Just Another Newbie

Hey guys, Im wallekid1, I created the thread Wall-E Made from scratch anyways, i just want to say that i am new (very very beginner) to the field of robotics. confused if anyone wants to share any tips, advice, knowledge, tutorials, etc... please do so being that i am a beginner, i also lack supplies and dont want to blow anything up in other...

This Is For All The Scripters Out There

hi guys, I am new to the EZ world and i just had a suggestion for anyone experimenting with the EZ-B While I was working on a project of mine, I was wondering if there was a way to control servo movements of a robot through a 3d model I had 3d models of my robot created in blender, an open source 3d animation program but I didnt know how to control...
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