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Ez Office Receptionist Contest

With DJ's endorsement I would like to suggest a contest for members of the forum. Here's the idea, robot builders can submit 1 robot vid with a generalized houmorous greeting that could be DJ's new office greeter. Limit the vid time limit, to say a minute and a half. Any one can play who has an inprogress/complete robot speaking, whistling, dancing or whatever behaviour! DJ and staff could judge the entries and the winner could be announced at the EZ office opening night, video cams running! It might be really fun to have someone present the winner by wearing a colored 8 by 11 "mask" of the winning bot! Any and all thoughts appreciated.


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Challenge accepted. How long will it last? I will be on vacation till next weekend and cant get one to you till then.


Yes, let's do that!

I'll have Geoff put something together for it on the website. :D


Thank You DJ! May the EZ Fun begin :)... @dshulpius gotta love your passion and enthusiasim....I am hoping the contest will be open for month, to let everyone have a chance to build/present something!


I think we should let it run 2 months - that will give new buyers a chance to enter also. There have been a great number of sales lately - as you can see by all the back orders:( We just can't keep up!

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Awesome idea, I can't wait to see the entries.


same here! all those people lurking in the background may come out now!

One idea: "life size wall-e". a wall-e custom built to be 3-4 feet tall.