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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Ez Builder Connection Question

Hi everyone,

I have been kept away from this forum (and robots) for a looong time but I am back again:)
So, I try to connect ARC with my EZB-v4. The problem is, it doesn't work...

First, I have looked carefully at the tutorial and everything is clear.
Second, it doesn't seem to be a wifi issue :
- in AP mode, I can see my EZ-B v4 0282 wifi network in windows (seven) and connect to it. I can then access to but when I go to Diagostics, I can hear no sounds. When I try to connect in EZ Builder, the blue light stop to blink for 4 seconds and I have the "could not connect to the EZ-B" message.
So, I go to Client mode....
- in Client mode, the EZ-B blink green and It seems that it do not connect to the network (no message of success from the EZ-B). Yet, in my router configuration panel, I can see the EZ-B, and an IP address is assigned...But again, when I try to connect in EZ Builder with the assigned ip, I have the "could not connect to the EZ-B" message and if i try to detect the EZ-B with the scan option, it finds nothing.

I am not a specialist, but it seems that my PC, my router and my EZ-B are able to communicate and see each other, but ARC cannot connect with the EZ-B. And I cannot see why...

So any help is welcome.


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United Kingdom
Have you tried disabling anti-virus?
Is the PC a HP PC?
Is the speaker connected to the underside of the EZ-B?
Can you connect from an android device?
Try resetting EZB with a pin or pen to default, back to AP Mode.
Look at your internet options again to see if EZ Robot shows?
Sometimes recycling power on your PC and EZB helps.
Try connecting if it shows, then try connecting in ARC.
Does your camera show?
Steve S
Hi @Rich,


Have you tried disabling anti-virus?

Yes, no effect.


Is the PC a HP PC?

No, it is not.


Is the speaker connected to the underside of the EZ-B?

I am not sure what you mean by that. I have the EZ-B still integrated in its box as I received it, so I'd say yes.


Can you connect from an android device?

I have tried with my galaxy tab with no success.

Hope it helps...
@Steve S,

I have reset the EZB many time, with many cycle AP mode ->Client mode, but it didn't work.
I can see the EZB on my network, but ARC cannot connect...
United Kingdom
What's in the debug in ARC after a failed connection attempt?

In AP mode, I can connect to the camera in ARC by looking at the adress


It depends. I have either a simple :


04/03/2015 23:25 - Attempting connection on
04/03/2015 23:25 - Connection Failed: System.TimeoutException: Le délai d'attente de l'opération a expiré.
à EZ_B.EZB.Connect(String hostname, Int32 baudRate)
04/03/2015 23:25 - Disconnected

or a more complicated :


04/03/2015 23:30 - Attempting connection on
04/03/2015 23:30 - Comm Err: System.IO.IOException: Impossible de lire les données de la connexion de transport : Une tentative de connexion a échoué car le parti connecté n’a pas répondu convenablement au-delà d’une certaine durée ou une connexion établie a échoué car l’hôte de connexion n’a pas répondu. ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: Une tentative de connexion a échoué car le parti connecté n’a pas répondu convenablement au-delà d’une certaine durée ou une connexion établie a échoué car l’hôte de connexion n’a pas répondu
à System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Receive(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size, SocketFlags socketFlags)
à System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream.Read(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size)
--- Fin de la trace de la pile d'exception interne ---
à System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream.Read(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size)
à System.IO.Stream.ReadByte()
à EZ_B.EZB. (Int32 , Byte[] )
04/03/2015 23:30 - BbytesToExpect: 1
04/03/2015 23:30 - U
04/03/2015 23:30 - Disconnected
04/03/2015 23:30 - Connection Failed: System.Exception: Controller Not Responding
à EZ_B.EZB.Connect(String hostname, Int32 baudRate)
04/03/2015 23:30 - Disconnected

I am sorry, most of the text is in french...

I have both messages either in APmode or in client mode.
United Kingdom
Were those messages from AP mode or Client mode?

And you are sure the IP address is in client mode (if the message was from client mode)? Or do you change that for the IP of the EZ-B? Including the :23 after it?

It's timing out which would indicate that some software is stopping the connection (AV or similar) or the IP address is incorrect.
The messages come from AP mode.
When I use Client mode, I replace the address by the one assigned by the router to the EZB ( and I have the same messages. So it don't seems to be a problem of wrong IP address.
From your suggestion, I will try to find if some software is blocking/stopping the connection (even though I have no idea which one could do that).
I'll do it this evening (I am at work now). Thanks for the help...
1) Does your EZ-B make a chime when the power is applied? Such as demonstrated in the tutorial videos

2) Have you been able to connect to it before?

1) No, the EZB don't make any chime when power is applied
2) Yes, I have been able to connect to the EZB before, months ago when I received it.

Do you think it is more a problem with the board itself ?
Did the EZ-B make a chime when you had first got it?
Yes it did (I remember i found the sound really loud for such a small board ;))

And sorry for the delay in my responses (time zone differences)
are there any lights flashing if not check the fuse and battery
It sounds as if the EZ-B chip has been damaged and is no longer functional - which is why you are unable to connect - and why it is not creating a bootup sound. Obviously a very rare occurrence due to a short, incorrect wiring, or too much current draw from something connected to it.

If the chip is damaged, is it normal that the board is seen at the address in AP mode and that I can pass through AP mode and Client mode (blue light to green light)? Also I can connect to the EZ Cam at the same address.... Maybe only some specific part of ship is damaged, then.

Moreover, I don't see what incorrect wiring or overload might happen as I have only connected EZ-robot servos and Cam so far.

But the real question is: what can I do about it ?

Clearly, as I have received my EZB a long time ago (more than 1 year) and even if I didn't use it so much, there must be no more warranty... So if there is some crazy soldering I may try, please let me know...:D
Oh - do not worry about soldering:) We made the board modular so only one piece would need to be replaced.

The EZ-B v4 has two chips on it, which is why you can configure the web server and view the camera. The Wifi chip is working for you, and that allows those functions to continue working.

The second chip is no longer working - and that would be the root to your trouble. This is how you can tell, when the EZ-B is powered up the CHIME and a RED led will be lit. Here is a video demonstrating how the RED led should be lit during bootup...

OK, everything is clear now. Thanks for the explanation.
Indeed, I see no red light when i power up the EZB...

Should I contact the support via the "Contact Us" page to have a replacement chip ?
Thanks again @DJ.
Yeah - reference this thread and Contact Us. You will need the bottom board replaced. Separating the two boards is a little tricky but I can give you a video explaining how. I would not recommend doing it without reviewing my instructions. Simply because there are a number of pins and they may bend easily if care isn't taken while separating the connectors.
Ok, I have used the Contact Us form and I am waiting for your instructions before separating the defective board.

Thanks to Aislinn, I am ready to send back my defective board for a replacement.
So, I am also ready to receive your instructions for separating the two boards;)