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Asked — Edited
Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Expression Parser Broken - Length Function

The code below does not work:


1: ClearVariables()
2: $buffer = "foo;bar;quux"
3: $sepPos = 3
4: $len0 = Length($buffer)-$sepPos-1



Error on line 4: Operator '-' invalid for strings.

1st attempt with a different code:


1: ClearVariables()
2: $buffer = "foo;bar;quux"
3: $sepPos = 3
4: $len1 = Length($buffer) - $sepPos
5: $len1 = $len1 - $sepPos

same error.

2nd attempt (success)


1: ClearVariables()
2: $buffer = "foo;bar;quux"
3: $sepPos = 3
4: $len2 = Length($buffer)
5: $len2 = $len2 - $sepPos - 1

it seems the the parser assumes Length function returns a string ?

Just a guess here but try


$encoderBVAR = $encoderB - $var

if ($encoderA < $encoderBVAR)
$forwardmustwait = 1
$pwmFR = $pwmFR + $mod
$pwmRR = $pwmRR + $mod
$pwmFL = $pwmFL - $mod
$pwmRL = $pwmRL - $mod
$forwardmustwait = 0

Elfge, Dave is right. You will need spaces between the operation commands.
lol I just spent 4 minutes looking and I can't figure where my spaces are missing. It's time I take a break I guess... thank you DJ and Dave...
Haha I hear u! That regex parser is a little wonky sometimes for the script compiler. I spend so much time in there with little tweaks - the way it is now is the most optimal for performance.
Eventually found where the spaces were missing. But in fact the problem was not at these lines, but at the definition of the variable. Anyway, it fixed itself it seems, just after EZBuilder crashed, I restarted it and could use the minus function, without adding spaces. I did add them after though, just in case.

Thanks a lot Dj! Again, really, I appreciate the incredible dedication and, in my particular case, the incredible patience! Sorry again for this day when I went nuts on the DHCP issue... I still think about it...:(
We all learn and progress:) me, doubly so! My dicioline is patience to hear what others have to say and understand what to do about it. With everyone having very specific needs, I'm challenged to invent solutions to accommodate the group. I want you to build robots, so you're conversations are incredible relevant. Never feel bad:)