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Resolved Resolved by Alan!

Experiencing Problems With Website

I am having troubles accessing anything but 'questions'. If i try anything else i.e 'App' or 'Robots'...I get an error.....any idea when this might be resolved?

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Thanks for letting us know! Amin is on it!!
correct many links don't work, say error
#3   — Edited
Everything seems to be working for me now.
@dave,  I still have a problem...you can access all the other menu items like APPS and Robots? I still get error. What browser are you using?
Hey guys, try again now. Should be good!
Yup everything working as it should! Thanks.
I’ve had same problems in the past posting. It seems you have to change at least one character ( add or remove) then you are able to save changes. I.e. remove or add another question mark. Then the save button should become active.
#10   — Edited
Ya, I've had this problem. If I only change one or two letters. Three letters seem to make the change possible. Maybe there are other restriction also like adding only a few characters.
@Dave, @Will:
Confirmed. I added two words then update, then removed the two words update again.
Great! Glad I could be of a little help. It takes a lot to get ahead of you in something. You're usually the answer guy. LOL.
I think it’s the double posting code. Amin isn’t checking if it’s an update or a new post before checking it the post already exists