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Resolved Resolved by Alan!

Experiencing Problems With Website

I am having troubles accessing anything but 'questions'. If i try anything else i.e 'App' or 'Robots'...I get an error.....any idea when this might be resolved?

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I’ve had same problems in the past posting. It seems you have to change at least one character ( add or remove) then you are able to save changes. I.e. remove or add another question mark. Then the save button should become active.
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Ya, I've had this problem. If I only change one or two letters. Three letters seem to make the change possible. Maybe there are other restriction also like adding only a few characters.
@Dave, @Will:
Confirmed. I added two words then update, then removed the two words update again.
Great! Glad I could be of a little help. It takes a lot to get ahead of you in something. You're usually the answer guy. LOL.
I think it’s the double posting code. Amin isn’t checking if it’s an update or a new post before checking it the post already exists