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Esc For My Drive Motors

Anyone tried these ESC's from Banebots?



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I have bought two esc like these very good price, with heat sink and fan, your esc have looked like a plane because it leads to external heat sink, I guess the figure is exaggerated 300A, but I think so Ahun they are the best option price amps.

@ ww321q
Are you using them with the EZ Board? If so, are they working OK?
Yes, I have proven with ez-b and working properly.
I only tested them as Buster is just getting started.I tested with a 7.4 volt lipo. They seemed to work great:)
That's good to know. Thanks.
These Banebots
are controlled with PWM. So.... I could have 20 of these (if I ever needed that many:) ) hooked up to the EZ-Board.

Is this correct?
I'm thinking the ESCs like I used can be speed controlled by standard servo control panel. JW:)
rgordon: If you could have connected many of these esc the board ez-b, are controlled by PWM with a standard servo control from ARC and can be used when the ESC have reverse gear or have the two directions of rotation, the central position of the servo position that does not act the ESC (approximately)
I have disconnected the red wire connector that goes to the ez-b, is recommended because the ESC has a BEC that supplies 5v when connected to radicontrol receptors, such as ez-b has its own supply voltage does not need the red wire .
This might help, it's a little bit dated since all the updates but it might helpLink