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Error Message On Scriptstop

Has anyone used ScriptStop sucessfully, without geting an Error ?

I was trying to use ScriptStop to debug my Roomba SendSerial Script, Line-By-Line, and I keep getting Syntax Error on line 18: Unknown Command: ScriptStop .

I have attached my EZ-B SendSerial Script that I am trying to learn to Debug.

Thanks All,

DougPope@cox.net, 602-246-1246(H)

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United Kingdom
I've not used ScriptStop nor did I realise there was such a command, but why not test the code line by line using either the script console or by adding the label :End at the bottom of the script and using a Goto(End) where you want the script to stop?
There is no command for scriptStop. The available commands are to the right of the editor. To stop a script at a specific point, use Halt()

ScriptStop is a ControlCommand() function.

You may review examples by pressing the Examples button:)