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Environment Mapping

I recently read that one or more of DJ's robots was capable of environment mapping. Can someone elaborate on how this is accomplished and if ARC has this functionality built in.


AI Support Bot
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Download ARC and start the program, click Add Control, Misc, Floor Map. There you go!
Combination of floor mapping and the radar control:)

There is also a new control coming soon for using an EZ-Bit Compass module. Which allows your robot to know what room it is in. And a few other awesome navigation features. I'm excited to launch it!
an upcoming compass module and also wifi to EZ-bits, sounds great!
Full house roaming abilities for our robots.
This sounds great especially for a vacuum project and avoiding furniture and other permenant obstacles.
Did I read this right, an upcoming version of EZ-B will come equipped with wifi? If so, when?

Maybe, DJ is the one who knows, if he wants to release that ;)