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Resolved Resolved by ptp!

Encoder Reading With Arduino After It's Been Programmed With The EZ-B Firmware

I have little knowledge of Auduino's and their language. However I'm trying to learn. I know that out of the box the Arduino Uno can read the input pulses of an encoder.

With that said, can it read the pulses after it's been programmed with the EZ-B firmware?

I haven't yet purchased an Arduino or upgraded it's programing to the EZ_B firmware. Again, I'm just now moving into this area and asking questions to see if it's worth my time to study and implement. 

Thanks in advance!

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can it read the pulses after it's been programmed with the EZ-B firmware?
Short answer: No
*** EDITED ***
Yes, there are 2 Arduino UNO firmware versions with and without encoder support.
Please check DJ post's #2 


I know that out of the box the Arduino Uno can read the input pulses of an encoder.
Out of the box, an Arduino micro-controller does nothing, you need to upload a program i.e. firmware to do something.

Is difficult to explain what is Arduino today, when it started it was a combination of specific micro-controllers (atmel 8 bits) and a software platform,  today i is much more a platform than hardware specific. You have powerful controllers and limited controllers running the same platform: Arduino. 
Depending on the task you pick a controller with specific features and then you code (or copy paste) a program in c++ language using the Arduino IDE and you upload to the micro-controller.

DJ developed a EZ-B firmware for a few arduino compatible boards:

links to check the specs

8 bits first generation (5v) :

Arduino Uno (16Mhz)

Arduino Mega (16Mhz)

Arduino Leonardo (16Mhz)

32 bits (3.3v):
Arduino DUE (84Mhz)

ESP 32 (W/Wifi) (240Mhz) dual core :

There is also an arduino code to read single phase encoders and to integrate with an EZ robot controller:

To summarize you can use the Arduino platform to code, copy/paste, adapt some  c++ to a specific controller to handle specific tasks.
Is possible to create an EZ-B firmware to implement the EZ-B features, read encoders single/dual phase, and behave like the kangaroo to control speed, interface with an IMU (Gyro) to calculate angular position etc.

I hope it helps, feel free to ask more questions.
To avoid inducing errors, I edited my post. I missed the 2 version.

I noticed this:
User-inserted image

So is edible too:) ?
Low fat!! Or fat free:D
Thanks so much PTP and DJ for this information. I see I have hours of fun, exploration, discovery and learning ahead of me. I'm looking forward to the journey. I'm sure I'll have more questions. Thanks for being willing guides and mentors.