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Enabling And Disabling Trained Objects Using A Script

Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way to write a script to select and deselect the objects that I have trained. I know how to have a script enable and disable Object Tacking, but I can't figure out how to have a script to automatically select and deselect the trained objects that have been saved, so that I can have the camera only track the saved image that the script has selected, instead of having the camera look and track for all of the images at the same time. I know I can manually select and deselect them, but I need to write a script to do this.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated, thank you.


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Currently, not without writing a plugin. However, the multicolor has that option, so it's possible to be included in the next release of ARC. I'll add it to the list - but you'll need to share a video what you end up doing with that feature in exchange:)


Thank you DJ, that ControlCommand() feature will be great! I decided to see if I could build a small AOI system that will check over a small circuit board and make sure the correct resistors and diodes are in the correct location. The way it is now, it will move to the part I want it to check to compare with the trained image and if it matches, it passes or if it does not match the image it fails and lets me know the location of the incorrect part used on the board. However, since there is no way, at the moment, to have a script select and deselect the trained image that it only needs to compare that part too, at that given moment, it can incorrectly pass the board, since it is comparing the part on the board to all of the trained images at once instead of only the one selected trained image that it needs, one at a time. The board uses the same type of resistors and diodes in different spots, which is why I need to have the script to be able to select the correct trained image to compare the part too, that the camera is viewing at that given moment, while automatically deselecting all others. This way it will truly be able to tell me if the correct parts are in their correct designated area.

I will definitely upload a video of it with this new feature! :)


Great work DJ! Just downloaded the update and can't wait to get started back on my AOI project. Will let you know the outcome and will post it!

Thank you again for the fast update to the software, always the best.