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Cognitive Face Question

Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to delete ones face after it has been learned by the Cognitive Face program. The reason is, I was testing it out, getting the hang of it, but during testing it out, I used a test name for my face, because I was just seeing out it works. I then had it Learn my face again with my name. Now it recognize...

Enabling And Disabling Trained Objects Using A Script

Hi, Im wondering if there is a way to write a script to select and deselect the objects that I have trained. I know how to have a script enable and disable Object Tacking, but I cant figure out how to have a script to automatically select and deselect the trained objects that have been saved, so that I can have the camera only track the saved image...

If (Digital) Statement Not Working In Ez Script

Having problem with the if (digital) statement working in the ez script. Anyone else having that problem, was working before I did the latest version update 9-17-12. For example: :menu_1 if (digital(d2) = true) goto(menu_2) if (digital(d3) = true) goto(menu_3) goto(menu_1) When I do a check syntax, it finds no errors, and the program will work up...
High Power Motor Controller.....

High Power Motor Controller.....

Hi everyone, I have two Basic stamp Parallax high power motor controllers (HB-25). I would like to use these with the EZ-Bot, but was wondering, are they...

Port Problem?

Im still having higher port problems. I have moved everything to lower ports, which seem to be working, but I really need the higher ports to work, need the room. Everything after port 10 seems to not work properly. I even uninstalled the bluetooth device and reinstalled it, rediscovered the EZ-B in the bluetooth devices, cycled the power on the...

Noticing Ping Radar Problem In Latest Version....

I downloaded the latest version 2012.04.07.01 about 30 minutes ago, and downloaded the latest firmware v15.3 I like the new, stronger PWM control for the H-Bridge, but I am now noticing a slight unwanted, uneven, motor pulsing, going forward while using ping radar to control the robots movement with the H-Bridge controller. Sometimes while using...
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