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Electromagnet For EZB

Has anyone added an electromagnet on an EZB.  I don’t want to throw power across a coil as I don’t want to burn out EZB.

I see some arduino controller electromagnets on Amazon for $10 perhaps a skill for this in ARC?

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Oh I see someone asked this before, I did not see it with a search for electromagnet.  Perhaps be nice to have a dedicated plug-in for it in ARC as I am sure a lot of people would use it.

My gripper never lines up with an object very well so I figured I would cheat and attach a small piece of steal to the top of the object and have the object line up with the gripper.


This skill will work:

Additionally, you can use scripting commands that set digital on/off.


Thanks DJ appreciate the quick answer.  I will order one today and see how it goes.


Hi @Nink, I see you've answered your own question,:D I wanted to mention that I have used an electromagnet with the EZ-B successfully.

Yeah, you just need a transistor or MOSFET circuit to handle the current of the coil. If you had an extra H-Bridge, you could use that as well. The coil of an electromagnet can be treated as a motor or relay coil.